Officer involved in downtown crash

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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer was involved in an accident downtown at New York and West Streets Sunday evening.

Police said a 20-year-old white female driving a 4 door gray Chevrolet Malibu was traveling south on West Street when she apparently entered the intersection striking the officer’s car.

Witnesses told police the Malibu disregarded a red light, driving into the intersection crashing into the police car.

The officer was alert, conscious and speaking with medics when transported to IU Health Methodist Hospital.

The driver of the Malibu was also checked out by medics on the scene and released. She was not transported to the hospital.


  • jazzhound

    Well, I heard it was the other way around. The officier had just picked up a box of those piping hot donuts from Longs Bakery, and was completely distracted by that fabulous aroma. He reached for another and that's when the accident occured. Probably a jelly filled.. I do hope that he'll be ok.

  • Brent

    Jazzhound is just in a pissy mood cause the cut off his cable at his trailer park. Grow up ,this man was hurt serving you!

    • IMPD Rulez

      Well, major car crash with an innocent person dead or a minor car crash….what do you think? Everyone that thinks Bisard should have been punished months ago would be really disappointed if he got off with nothing due to the attorneys not being prepared for the trial. Idiots.

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