Second IEMS crew member passes away

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Officials have confirmed that 22-year-old paramedic Cody Medley has passed away. Todd Harper, spokesperson for Indianapolis EMS, says Medley passed away at Wishard Hospital early Sunday morning.

Paramedic Cody Medley and EMT Timothy McCormick were riding in their ambulance when they were hit by a car near Senate and St Clair Streets. McCormick succumbed to his injuries Saturday.

A press conference about Medley’s passing will be held at noon. Stay tuned to FOX 59 for updates.


    • lowly pubic servart

      dont know how indy works but northern indiana would let her go with a slap on the wrist because she is a woman. killing two innocent people, two emts, driving drunk should get her 20 years but i'll bet she gets 2 years with 18 months suspend

      • TNovak

        Nobody knows at this point, including you lowly public servant, whether she was drunk or not, but nobody is getting off with a slap on the wrist anymore for these offenses.

  • Billie

    Our hearts and prayers go out to the family, friends and co-workers of these 2 young men who made an impact on every life they touched in their short lives, may they rest in peace!!!

  • kathy george

    she is a 21 yr old girl, who states she had 1 1/2 drinks, results are pending, I think she has to live with the horror of this, and think she will be held accountable. I am so sorry to the families of those young men

    • Guest

      IF she was over the legal limit, then she should be criminally punished. IF she was texting, then she should be criminally punished. IF it was just a very unfortunate accident, I hope that she is somehow able to live with herself for the rest of her life.

  • tangerine3307

    We loved you very much Cody from your other family in spokane wa. Hope the police do their jobs for you Cody and for the Mccormick family.

  • Jonathan

    I knew Cody since we were in our mid teens. He was a fun guy and I think everyone who knew him feels the loss as if it were their own family member. I also knew some of his EMT friends from Facebook, and I liked to read the funny posts between Cody and guys like McCormick. They'll both really be missed.

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