Court of Appeals: Dog killer can’t appeal his 14 year sentence

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A man convicted of fatally stabbing nine dogs will serve the remainder of his sentence.

The state appeals court ruled Dennis White cannot challenge his 14 year sentence.

White got into an argument with his girlfriend in Anderson last February over a tax refund.

During the fight, White attacked his girlfriend. That’s when her dog bit White in the ear.

She left the apartment to get help while he stabbed the dog and the dog’s eight puppies.

The court ruled that since White pleaded guilty to the charges he waived his right to appeal.


  • Fair-Trail-Bob

    Pretty sure, less i imagined the government classes i've sat in that pleading guilty does not waive the right to appeal. Wonder what kinda political stir this will cause.

  • bartman

    the guys a scumbag no doubt and deserved some serious punishment but 14 years? Many people don't get that for killing human beings. Damn we're all screwed up these days.

  • Lillie

    I am glad, good thing the dog jumped in for the rescue or he would of killed his girlfriend perhaps. Glad to hear the court system is working firm on this one. Needs to be more harsh on alot of others too!

  • Cindy C.

    Has he gone to trial for stabbing the woman yet? The court may be standing firm in case he gets off on that for some reason. And if not then he could serve both at the same time.

  • robin post

    well why didnt the cop that kill eric wells didnt get charged for almost killing his k-9 dog and still hasnt spent a day in jail oh because he a cop

  • dog loverererer

    please tell me it was quick and painless for the doggies. God gave us dogs for companions, some for work, or protection, or even a foot warmer, hunter, retreiver


      yes, but that dog also did what it needed to do and felt in his heart. i feel for the pups and would be so proud of my dog for defending me in a time of need. I hope mine do the same for my family if ever needed.

  • Emi

    Just sad, I know my dog would have done the same. Would be proud of that dog for defending my life. I do think he punshment is extreme, but Im just glad its at least enough time to really feel the guilt. Judge must have been a real animal lover!!

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