Silver Alert issued for 8-month-old girl missing from Indianapolis

EMS partners share memories of lost members

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The former IEMS partners of Private Tim McCormick and Specialist Cody Medley shared their memories of the two men, saying they hope the community will come to know both of them.

“(Cody) was always just outgoing, ready to get things done,” said Specialist Kyle Thomas, Medley’s EMS partner.

“Timmy was an angel, he was amazing,” said Staff Seargent Val Thomas, McCormick’s EMS partner.

The two remembered their friends and co-workers as fun loving, always playing pranks on each other. Thomas said McCormick was planning to take more classes to become a paramedic.

“He was like a little brother to me,” Thomas said.

Thomas started at IEMS in the summer of 2010 with both men. He said that he wanted people to remember his friends as hard workers who cared about their jobs and loved to go to work every day.

“(They) really wanted to help people and just try and make a difference,” Thomas said.

Both Thomas and Powers said that they were still shocked by what happened and that working shifts since the accident has been especially hard. They said that the support from fellow public safety members and messages from the community have helped all of IEMS to cope with the losses.


  • Anonymous

    I have sit back and not said a word til you all are running this into the ground about these EMTS what about Mindy McCready these EMTS is getting attention on there deaths than her it’s bs!

      • Anonymous

        First off have 2 losers been through what Mindy has been through and she is famous so this story here is getting dam old so screw you 2.

      • Name withheld

        Sir these people help us everyday…how would you like to be slammed on the side of your car by a drunk driver and your car flip onto its side?

      • withheld

        i pray that you never need the help of the brother and sisters of these so called "losers". but maybe one day you will know and understand the blood, sweat, tears and dedication that go into our jobs. we live to help people in our community. it is a tragedy in the service to suffer a loss in this manner. im sorry you feel that we are "losers". a musician that makes thousands of dollars for producing a song verses the EMTs and Medics that risks their lives daily for minimal pay simply because we love the job and love helping others. R.I.P. Tim and Cody you Will be missed!

    • Jennifer

      These 2 fine young men were putting their lives on the line to make everyone else's a little better and lost their lives doing it. Nmindy LOSER McCready sang a few song had a bunch handed to her and was still to selfish to go on with life. Hers was her choice these 2 young men were doing everything right and lost their lives!

    • Lol

      Seriously people , two people died due to carelessness of another yes it sucks . But they were 2 people doing their Job nothing more we all risk our lives driving in this town It just appears that you have to be on the taxpayers payroll to get any kind of media attention

      • Anonymous

        Excuse me i have been in a total of 5 car accidents 1 more i will be parlazyed from the waste down for your information and i do work nosey ass! Fox has talked about this story since it happen for the anon anyone that is coward moron it must be you did you go through what she went through smart ass!

  • Aaron

    Cody used to run for the Sunman Fire Department. My brother and I used to run with him. Cody was the most inspirtational person I have ever met!!! Cody you will be missed by A lot of people. He was always ready to help people and be ready for action. Not once has he let someone down. RIP Cody

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