Mother of five fatally shot by stalker, Clarksville Police say

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A mother of five was shot and killed outside her apartment in Southern Indiana by an alleged stalker Monday.

Police in Clarksville said 31-year-old Lisa McQuirt was shot several times by 44-year-old Ronald Shewmaker.

A family member said Shewmaker followed McQuirt home last week, broke her car window and slashed her tires.

After being shot, McQuirt made it back into her apartment to call police but died at the hospital.

One of her kids and her boyfriend were in the home when the shooter knocked on the door.

It is Clarksville’s first homicide of the year.


  • ghjsdyj

    Who shoots a female infont of her family! this makes me sick! They should kill people like this in slow and in horrible ways!

    • Realist

      How many people honestly answer their door with a shot or a hand gun, everytime? Besides maybe the folks that live in the country. A woman might be smart to look who's there, especially if she knows she's being stalked, before opening the door. Get a chain lock, only crack your door, and I think all woman should have mace ready to go. I am a woman, a mother , who has been attacked. I wasn't at home, I was walking from a gas station to my home, got punched and drug into a cemetary..happened in seconds, No time to react. I learned a lesson from that. I hope woman read these tragic stories and at least learn something from it.

  • cjmo2662

    How terrible! My condolences for her family. Hopefully he'll save everyone a lot of grief & kill himself; he should've done that instead of going around hunting for someone else to kill.

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