String of pizza delivery robberies have drivers on alert

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After three robberies in the metro area in less than a week, area pizza delivery drivers say they are being extra cautious.

“I hope nothing happens here. We take all the precautions we need to and we’re safe about it,” said Morgan Plake, delivery driver for Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza in Greenwood.

Plake and other drivers are carrying as little money as possible and are being extra vigilant when delivering to unfamiliar addresses.

“If I don’t feel safe, then (the managers) understand that,” said Plake.

On Saturday, a Pizza Hut delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint for $20 after delivering a pizza to a home in the 7700 block of Gordon Way on the city’s southeast side.

The home was vacant, but the driver was not aware of it before the delivery.

Nearby neighbors said it’s upsetting this happened in a good neighborhood.

“Twenty dollars? How stupid is that? Just a waste. Now you got some delivery driver who doesn’t wanna go to work again too. All over 20 bucks. It’s a little disturbing that it’s in your own neighborhood,” said neighbor Michael Fields.

At this point, the crimes do not appear to be caused by the same suspects.

None of the drivers were reported injured. Police are still looking for suspects.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics cited pizza delivery driver as one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the country.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    The solution is simple: People living in the ghetto-fied areas must come pick up their pizza or homes in high-crime areas must somehow "register" with the pizza place first and they will only deliver to those homes.

  • SuspectDevice

    As a Pizza Delivery driver myself, my suggestion is an even simpler solution: take only credit and debit cards, no cash.. Done deal and nothing to worry about. Rumors of this becoming the standard have been circulating for awhile now.

  • Brian

    Delivery drivers should get a weapon and a permit to carry a gun along with the pizza and shoot the sob that attempts to rob him. Before the bad guy takes his last breath, give him all the pizza he wants to eat as his LAST supper.

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