Basketball coach accused of having sexual relationship with player

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A former Connersville teacher and coach has been formally charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student on the girls basketball team.

James Spivey, 29, was arrested Tuesday and has been charged with felony child seduction.

Indiana State Police Investigators began looking into the matter on Feb. 6 when they were notified by the Fayette County School Corporation alleging that Spivey, a teacher and basketball coach at Connersville High School, was involved in a sexual relationship with a female student and basketball player.

The investigation revealed that Spivey and the student began a relationship in January, shortly after the start of the basketball season. The relationship later became sexual with the encounters occurring at Spivey’s Brookville home.

According to court documents, the teen’s mother contacted the school which prompted the investigation.

“When we were made aware of some allegations, we took those very seriously, we investigated those very quickly and we had a conversation with Mr. Spivey and at that point in time he chose to resign his position,” said Dr. Russell Hodges, Superintendent of the Fayette County School Corp.

State Police were notified and their investigation led to the formal charge and arrest of Spivey.

Dr. Hodges said they will reflect and review practices and see if there are things they can improve to avoid situations like this in the future.

“it is a very unfortunate situation. We do take the safety and well being of all our students very seriously and whenever that’s compromised, it’s a difficult situation,” said Dr. Hodges.

Spivey is being held in the Franklin County Jail on a $5,000 bond. He was a graduate of Connersville High School and was a first year math teacher at the school.

Spivey could make his initial court appearance next Tuesday.


  • Katherine

    At 17 years of age that girl knew better! Her parents should punish her, and society should hold her accountable for her actions too. I am disgusted by this, but I think at that age she knew better and should take blame as well.

    • Da Bodysnatcher

      As long as you are with in 2 years of the partner looked this law up once and when your talking teacher/student it is against the law even if she is 18!

  • anamous

    I met my wife and soulmate when she was 17.I was 31. We have been to gether for 2yrs and married 36 years.. I could not survive without her love.

  • Lee Edwards

    @sjdgirl: Teacher/student relationship are not allowed period. Let's see if he gets no jail time like that female teacher did.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Hmmm….woman gives teen boy a BJ and everyone celebrates.

    Roles are reversed here and everyone wants his head!


  • morgan

    well i find this to be alittle more than absurd, due to the fact that a employee of Lincoln Tech was on Doctor Phil as of december, his age being around 40ish and his fiancee just turned 17.. had been physical for more than a year. and started when she was 16. So why is this person being punished and charged and not this 40yr old gentleman? and yes the legal age of consent is 16 i believe.

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