Boyfriend says baby’s death was an accident

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A 20-year-old man accused of killing his girlfriend’s baby spoke exclusively to Fox59 from jail Tuesday and said it was an accident for which he is sorry.

Police were called to the 3600 block of North Euclid Avenue on Valentine’s Day where 4-month-old Nichole Williams was found unresponsive in Jared Tapley’s care. She died on Saturday at Riley Hospital from blunt force trauma after suffering from several brain and head injuries.

Tapley was arrested and charged with murder and battery.

He told Metro Police detectives he was babysitting Nichole for his girlfriend that day as he had several times before. He told Fox59, he never had any problems taking care of Nichole.

“It was fine taking care of the baby ’cause she really didn’t get on, she didn’t get on my nerves or anything,” he said.

This time, however, Nichole stopped breathing and he said he called 911.

Coincidentally, the EMT working on her that night was Timothy McCormick. He and his partner would die just two days later in a tragic ambulance crash.

Court documents reveal, Tapley first told the baby’s mother that she was on the living room floor and a Jenga box may have fallen off the coffee table and hit her head.

However, the doctor on the case said, “It is not plausible that the Jenga box could have caused Nichole’s devastating brain injuries.”

Tapley changed his story and told police the girl accidentally fell out of his hands and hit her head on the coffee table as he played with her.

He told Fox59 the same story.

“I was playing with her and she fell outta my hand and hit her head on the table and I didn’t know what happened. I just heard her crying,” he explained. “I picked her up and put her on the um, put her pacifier in her mouth, put her on her stomach, went downstairs for a little bit and came back upstairs and that’s when that happened.”

Police didn’t buy his story. During questioning, detectives noticed Tapley was wearing a large IHSAA State Championship basketball ring on his right hand. They believe the ring could have left the mark found on Nichole’s forehead.

Tapley told Fox59, he would never have intentionally hurt Nichole.

“I loved her like she was my own baby and I wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt her,” he said. “I’m just sorry for whatever happened. I’m not the type of person that’d do anything to a baby on purpose, intentionally. I really did love that baby.”

Tapley will have his first court appearance on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    So when the Jenga fell over did he yell "Jenga!"

    But I gotta hand it to Fox59. How ya'll get these interviews with these POS thieves, murderers, and sundry scum is beyond me. They practically incriminate themselves on TV.

    Classic of all is when Fox59 had Shirely "I ain't got no financial problems" Moncey on the news. LOL!

  • guest

    There is a possibility that it was an accident. Not everyone is a malicious cold blooded killer. We should not judge because we were not there, only God know what really happened that day. It is a sad for both families..two young lives tragically lost…

  • God Bless

    I have known Jared for over half of his life. He is not a killer. He is a mild mannered, well raised, respectful young man. Anyone who actually knows Jared or his family knows his character. He would never ever intentionally harm this child or any other child. Something very tragic has happened & I am hoping that people will judge less & pray more for both families.

  • BlackPeopleAreTrash

    God Bless and Guest you two are complete IDIOTS the baby had imprints of this black piece of craps ring on its face/head. That is not a accident and he is a killer worthless piece of trash. You two are just common black trash making excuses for horrible actions instead of saying he's wrong and it was horrible. So typical of the black community. The only people holding blacks back are themselves. Hope you know once he hits the yard he's gonna have a big ass target on him.

    • guest

      I am neither an idiot nor am I black
      I was merely stating that it very well could have been an accident.
      unfortunately accidents do happen. as far as what really happened, WE WERE NOT THERE!! did you actually see the imprints on the child's head??? I don't believe you did!
      So all reports are mere speculation. the media is know to exaggerate and fabricate the stories they report…
      this child's life was lost and I feel for her family. if and when it is proven that the accused did in fact beyond a reasonable doubt kill this child, only then can we call him a convicted murderer. that day has not come…additionally my race or that of the accused is totally irrelevant…just like you are!

  • ShayNayNayNot

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