Committees debate budget, fate of Pence tax cut

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INDIANAPOLIS – A House committee has approved a budget that does not feature the income tax cut advocated by Gov. Mike Pence.

The Ways & Means Committee approved the House Republican budget in a 16-7 vote that fell along party lines. That version of the budget will now head to the full House.

During his campaign, Pence made a 10 percent personal income tax cut a key component of his platform. The tax cut was not part of the budget House Republicans submitted last week.

House lawmakers said they haven’t ruled out the tax cut.

The tax cut remains part of the Senate’s budget plan. The Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee met Tuesday to discuss the budget and examine the impact of Pence’s proposal.

On Monday, Pence said he would continue to advocate the tax cut, adding that it’s still early in the negotiation process.