Connersville High School coach accused of having sexual relationship with player

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A Connersville High School teacher, who also coached the girls’ basketball team, was arrested Tuesday after police said he was sexually involved with a female student on his squad.

James Spivey, 29, was charged with child seduction, a Class D felony.

The investigation into Spivey began on Feb. 6, when Indiana State Police received information stating Spivey was allegedly involved in a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old senior and basketball player at the high school.

Police said the investigation revealed Spivey and the student began a relationship after the start of the basketball season.  They said the relationship later became sexual and had encounters at Spivey’s home.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the student’s mother became suspicious of her daughter, when she noticed phone recording showing hundreds of calls to one number and when the girl would state she was staying overnight at a location she was not at.

In an interview with police, the 17-year-old girl told authorities the relationship with her coach became physical in January of 2013.  She said she would hug and kiss Spivey after basketball games in the parking lot, according to court documents.

Spivey resigned from his position as a math teacher and girl’s varsity basketball coach shortly after the investigation began.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Okay folks! Everyone who thought the woman who gave the teen boy a BJ, step up and condone this behavior!

    Prosecutors! Administer the same "justice" provided to the woman for this guy and give him a ruler-on-the-knuckles plea deal!

  • Guest

    Grown people need to get girlfriends and boyfriends their own age and stop messing with kids. There are plenty of single adults out there.

  • Larry

    Just sat behind the bench for the Regional at Decatur Central this past Sat where they lost to Mooresville in the first game that day. Wow, this is shocking and I wonder if the team knew what was going on cause they sure did not play well.

  • Guest near the area

    The 'coach' was a volunteer who worked with the JV team. There are other coaches in the program who are honorable and ethical. Please clarify his role and don't insinuate he was 'the' varsity coach. He most certainly wasn't.

  • guest

    young people are so vulnerable at this age, and I would like to see some bigger penalties for educaters who prey on children – at the same time we need to start educating children about protecting themselves against these types of preditors.

  • guest

    i dont see what is so wrong, but than again i see how the girls parents are upset. think about the tv show "pretty little liars" this shouldnt not make the school look bad.

  • Guest at High School

    All these facts are not correct…I am at this school and I believe I know what happens here. She is almost 18 years old. By the time they go to court, she will be 18. Let it go!

    • anon

      She may be almost 18, but the main problem is she was still a student at the high school where he was a teacher and part of the girls' basketball coaching staff, and she was a member of the team, making the relationship inappropriate. He was in a position of power over her, and his actions were highly unethical; he took advantage of a student. If he would've gotten away with it, the next time it could be a 14-or-15-yr-old freshman. He needs to leave kids alone!

  • Guest

    I agree with "Guest at High School." I too know more of this story. Too bad the "seductive" person in this situation will not experience the consequences. Sometimes age shouldn't be the deciding factor… it's a two-way street. Hope she knows what she's done..

  • Guest

    I'm sure it wasn't all his fault. Some young women like to seduce older guys, it has happened to me more than a few times, believe me, I never turned it down. Makes for great memories. 🙂

  • the truth hurts

    Wow comments arent disabled for this article must be because the offender is white. Hmmmmmm

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