Parents speak out against judge’s plan for punishment

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Two parents are speaking out to Fox59, saying they don’t think a judge’s idea to punish parents for their kids’ bad behavior would have helped them with their daughter’s problems.

Hollie and Rick Wilson said their 14-year-old daughter ran away last summer, at the height of a troubling period of rebellion. The Wilsons said they tried to get help, but had a hard time finding it.

“What am I supposed to do?” Hollie Wilson said.

The Wilsons were upset after Judge Marilyn Moores of Marion Juvenile Court spoke about her ideas to more harshly punish parents when their kids keep getting in trouble with the law.

“People need to parent their children and that means you need to know where they are, who they’re with, what they’re doing,” Moores told Fox59.

Still, the Wilsons said that what they really needed was more help learning how to deal with their daughter’s behavior.

“There’s nothing that we can do and if we ask for the law’s help (people will) tell you, ‘She’s just a rebellious child, you’re going to have to deal with it,'” Hollie Wilson said.

The Wilsons’ daughter was able to improve her behavior, after running away scared her into turning things around.

Moores, meanwhile, said that she does believe early intervention with parents is a good idea and only wants to punish parents whose kids continually commit crimes that would land an adult in jail.

“I would much rather see parents get help early on, in engaging in ways to be a better parent, before that child is running amok,” Moores said.


  • BSW

    I completely agree with the judge's idea. These kids get in trouble b/c their parents are screwed up and that's who the kids look up to. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It's not the police's responsibility to babysit these kids.

    • GOOD Parent

      NOT ALL parents are screwed up, My daughter has ran away a number of times and Its all because she wanted to do stuff I would not let her do, like smoke or stay out late, U must not have kids! to be saying its the parents fault! Not ALL of parents are bad! But thank good ness she has changed her ways and now she is doing alot better

      • martinstucky

        Where did she learn about all that bad stuff? Maybe if you weren't staying out late and smoking maybe she would not want to do this herself.

      • Mother Of 4

        Now that is just plain rude. Just because the child is doing it does not mean the parents are doing it. Have you ever thought that maybe she saw other kids from school or the neighborhood doing those things? That stuff has become the norm in society-let the kids express themselves-thank you to the ACLU. I have raised four boys all the same and I have one that went a completely direction than the others. Guess which one-my youngest. It is a different day in time and parents no longer have the right to raise their children with a firm hand. While I agree that maybe SOME parents could use a wake-up call, not ALL parents deserve it. As far as the Judge saying parents should be held responsible, let me tell you, they hold the parents more responsible already than they do the kids. Anymore, a child has to commit several felonies before they will even consider doing anything, and that usually ends up costing the parent more money than it should. As for the juvenile in JC, it's a joke to the kids that go in there-there is no proper discipline nor any respect for themselves or the CO's expected. It is merely a free for all-R rated movies, play time, etc, just so long as they don't annoy the CO. I will say this to you, I really hope you never have a child that has a discipline problem, because it is nothing I would wish on anyone no matter how rude and inconsiderate they may be-it is truly nothing to desire as a parent watches helplessly while their child destroys their own life with no help available. Mental health help for kids is something that Indiana truly lacks.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >“What am I supposed to do?”

    Beat her!

    How many times in the past have you or the father taken a belt to her azz?

    Parents: "Time outs" and being "Grounded" go only so far. When children push back the ultimate punishment is a belt to the azz!

    • Kim

      Is that how whitey wants to treat the black kids?? You have "clan" in you name. I bet Clan wants to beat all the brothers and sisters kids with a whip!

    • Mother Of 4

      A lot of talking from a lot of people who either have no kids or haven't had the pleasure of one that has problems-sarcasm. When my youngest first started having problems, I sought out help. It took me 18 months before I could find a counselor that would see him-he was 12 and too young. He struggled with mine and his fathers divorce and looked for ways to suppress his hurt. Before and after my divorce, I have always made dinner for my kids, sat down with them to eat and always did their homework with them. We have family movie nights, went on vacations together-in 23 years, I have had ONE vacation without my children. I kiss and hug my children everyday, and always have. I spanked my kids when necessary (spanked-let me stress that) and still had CPS called on me. I was cleared, but the hassle and carrying on over it is very stressful. The CPS worker told me to stop spanking my children or she would come back. Who should have to put up with that crap? All you need is one CPS worker to decide they want to make your life hell and they can do it. Since my son was 12, I have paid out more than $20,000 dollars in psychiatric help, court fines, juvenile fees, etc. I have had him in counseling this entire time-he will be 18 in 2 months. 5 Years of hell. I quit my job to stay home with him and have homeschooled him now for three years. I have seen improvement, but I also know that the minute he is let out of my home, he will be right back where he was three years ago-he has told me so. I will say it again; there are SOME parents who need a wake-up call, but not ALL. The juvenile system needs an overhaul as well. Let our children know that it is not all fun and games when you are locked up-not a retreat. I had to go out and make my child do community service myself-no court order because it takes too much effort from the court to do so. Nothing to see here-just move along. We will get them when they become adults. What a way to do it. The old saying is true-"It takes a village to raise a child". My neighbors when I was a kid would have yanked my a** up and taken me to my mother if I acted up-today, just turn a blind eye, it's so much easier. Please think before you speak.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Hmmm…why was CPS involved with you to know you were spanking your child to begin with? You're not sharing the entire story here.

        Regardless, are you going to let some minimum wage, social-work degreed moron tell you how to raise your child? Better to beat that azz than to raise a monster. You think $20k is a lot? Try funding a commissary account for 20-30 years or indefinetely!

        Finally, based off what you wrote, your child is an exception and sounds as if he has some sort of mental issues going on with, quite possibly, a complication of a psychosis.

      • Mother Of 4

        My children were told in school that parents were not allowed to spank them-guess what! My son told the school I spanked them and the school called CPS. There was a law in 2002 that said you can not spank your child. They showed up at my door and told me to stop or they would be back. Now that has been over turned in the last few years, but a lot of good that did me in the mean time.

        Now, the salary of a social worker has nothing to do with them bringing the police to your house and taking your children. You obviously have never dealt with them-they can and do do it. Then the courts get involved and it can become very nasty. And yes, $20,000 plus is a lot of money to a family of four. What does funding a commissary have to do with any of this? Do you fund it personally from your hard earned wages, or do you do it through fundraising and donations? Been there and done that-I volunteer for a Non-profit and have been doing it for the last 5 years.

        Yes, my child is an exception and does have some mental issues, just as there are others as well. I have been to hell and back with my child and regret none of it. What I resent is the fact that people like you want to label all kids and parents that have mental health problems in with those who "don't care" about their children. I also resent the fact that the juvenile justice system as well as the mental health community fail our children when they need help.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >There was a law in 2002 that said you can not spank your child.

        Oh…bullsheet! There's never been a law anywhere in this country against spanking a child.

        And the point was…are you going to let some ragamuffin, underpaid CPS worker tell you how to raise your child? If so, then you get what you asked for. No…I've never had to deal with CPS.

  • GOOD Parent

    You people that want to sit and talk Sh*t need to think about it, Its Not the parents fault, We do what we can do and NO we cant beat them that is NOT the answer, If we beat them we would go to jail or the schools would call CPS and what does that solve NOTHING!! My oldest daughter has ran away a number of times just because I would not let her do stuff she wanted to do like smoke or stay out late, But now she is a senior in High School and doing lot better, She just thought she was grown! I did not like the fact that she was running away I would call the cops they would find her and bring her back home, If they took her to Juvi she only sat there a couple of hours, They say there is NOTHING they can do to a run away

    • James

      Well, you are wrong about spanking your child. As long as you don't leave a mark, you may do it. And, you are right, the juvenile system needs revamped. Parents fault? In some cases, yes it is. Not all cases though. I support punishing children the same as adults. Instead of slapping wrists.

    • martinstucky

      It is not about hitting them so hard they need to go to the hospital. You just need to hit them hard enough to privately humiliate them and make them regret what they did. Spanking is a lost art because liberals and hippies felt the need to demonize the practice.

  • Cole

    GOOD Parent, I agree 100 % with what your saying. Not ALL parents are just BAD parents who dont care. Some of these kids are just out of control and it has nothing to do with them having parents who dont care. In my opinion, if your child is continuously running away from home and being retrieved by the law then maybe those kids need to sit in jail for longer than a few hours. Maybe a good 30 day stay in juvi would do them more good. It's a known and proven fact that a slap on the hand does not help. There are parents out there that are really trying and doing all they can to ensure their kids grow up right. But the fact is that some kids are just rotten apples and i dont feel that their parents should be punished because the child doesnt want to follow the rules. Early intervention is a good start, if they get into trouble and are picked up by law enforcement more than one time then maybe they need to be sent to jail to " prove " that it's not a joke !!

  • bdh

    Most kids I have seen that are having problems come from homes where they are not loved, not treated with respect and not taught responsibility or accountability for anything. The parents want to be their friends instead of parenting them and a video game or television is the babysitter. Kids are a product of their environment…they have no choice than to be…so who do you hold accountable? There is no such thing as a bad kid. Some are special needs and some just need love and a good foundation to be a productive citizen. Maybe the judge is trying to help parents be better parents if he is going to hold them accountable for how they raised their child. Why does society have to pay the price for people that are not educated on how to raise a child and choose to go ahead and screw them up like their parents did before them….it is a cycle that needs to be broken somehow….just like poverty.

  • Annoymous

    Put her in counseling for starters something is going on and have her stop hanging out with the wrong crowd also if that is what it is if she is worse have her sent too boot camp.

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