Source: Woman who crashed into ambulance had BAC level under legal limit

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The investigation into Saturday morning’s crash that killed a paramedic and an EMT worker continues, and charges could still be several weeks away.

Timothy McCormick, 24, and Cody Medley, 22, were killed after a car, driven by 21-year-old Jade Hammer, ran a flashing red light at St. Clair and Senate Avenue.  Hammer’s car collided with an ambulance McCormick and Medley were traveling in, prompting the ambulance to then crash into a parked SUV.

Hammer told investigators she had a couple of weak alcoholic beverages at a bar hours prior to the crash. Sources told Fox59 Hammer tested below the state legal limit of .08 percent for alcohol, which one source called borderline for a driving while intoxicated charge.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office sent a sample of Hammer’s blood to the state forensic lab for testing of alcohol and drugs. Her blood was drawn at Wishard Memorial Hospital two hours after the fatal collision.

Authorities said no charging decisions will be made until the preliminary investigation is complete.


  • The Professor

    This was an accident with two critical injuries, requiring an prolonged extrication. That takes priority over taking an uninjured person to the hospital for a blood draw.

    • guest

      You obviously have no idea how fire and ems operations are done. There were ambulances for the trapped patients and plenty more available to take non critical patients.

  • lovebug

    I know two men died , its a tragedy but you guys don't remember the Bishard case do ya! The blood was taken after two hours as well and he was legally guess it who you are. It was an accident. They happen. This would be so much different if it was 2 people in a regular vehicle. There are no words in losing a child. Think of their parents!

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Don't you dare try to minimize the actions of the woman by labeling her choices as an "accident."

      An accident is cooking your steak too long.

      Drinking, driving, and texting are choices that ultimately got two guys killed.

      • Guest

        You have no idea how stupid you sound right now. Did you read the article above? Drunk driving is not the issue here, and I don't know where in the hell you got the idea that she was texting, I guess you just made it up. She accidentally ran a red light and it ended very tragically.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        You're an idiot. Admit it.

        First you failed to comprehend the full extent of her guilt now you're rationalizing.

        Texting? "Listen" to a GPS (which is doubtful) The key point is she was frakking with her phone instead of driving safely.


      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        > I forgot I'm an idiot

        Finally! We agree on something.

        >you know everything about everything.

        No. But I know the woman admitted to messing about with her phone prior to the crash which you didn't but embarrassingly accused me of making up.


      • Guest

        She admitted to LISTENING to the GPS that just so happened to be on her cell phone. We don't know if she was doing anything else on the phone or not, you are just making assumptions.

      • Guest 1972

        Whatever the case, she admitted to being distracted and wasn't paying attention to her driving. If she had been paying attention, she would have seen the red flashing light.

  • Stephanie

    She has to live with the fact that she made a huge mistake of running a red light for the rest of her life. We all make stupid decisions. This was an accident. She didn’t intentionally kill anyone. I pray for everyone involved in this. I couldn’t imagine what she is going through either.

  • Jim

    Something I haven't seen reported is where was the ambulance going? They weren't transporting anyone and there hasn't been anything I've seen regarding whether or not they were racing to an emergency. It seems it might be possible they may have been as distracted/negligent as she may have been.

    • Les

      Reports stated that the Ambulance had just finished at the hospital transported an ill homeless patient. They had the right away. the other vehicle involved went thru the flashing red light striking the ambulance.

      • Jim

        If one side was flashing red the other wasn't flashing green. To slide as far as it has been reported it had to be moving very fast. If they weren't on a run (and don't these vehicles have devices to turn many the street lights red?) they should have been obeying all traffic rules too.

    • albert keller

      Do you think they might of been returning to the station after a call !. It doesn't really matter what or where they were going, what matters is they were hit and died in the process. my hart goes out to the familys and friends of these two young men ! I am a volunteer Fire Fighter.

  • Chuck

    She wasn't given a Breathalyzer because she couldn't breathe and it you know anything about Alcohol the longer it sits in the body the higher the BAC in the blood you may not actually be drunk but you can have a higher then legal BAC hours after you stop drinking.

  • hals

    Does it really matter if she was "legally" drunk or not? She was an idiot who ran a light and therefore murdered two young men.

  • Anonymous

    One, if two critically injured patients enter a hospital they will be helped first; applies to the scene also. This applies to all people not just paramedics. So no it doesnt matter who you special treatment was given in regards to the time her blood was drawn. Second, the ambulance was returning from a previous run.

  • Tia

    humm drinking & driving and what you killed an innocent life-terrible! she probably will be set free and this makes me sick considering I believe very strongerly that you should NOT drink & drive!

    • Guest

      Oh really, Einstein? I thought it was a really good idea to drink and drive. But you can't even say that drinking and driving is what killed them, did you not just read the article above?

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    People forget by her own accord, she was frakking around with her cell phone. Now add booze on top of it?

    Don't minimize her actions. An "accident" is backing too close to your garage and banging into it.

    Choosing to get liquored up and frak with your cell phone at night while driving is not an accident. It's a series of choices that got people killed.

  • Andrea

    This woman still ran a red light, flashing or not! At a speed high enough to turn an ambulance on its side! And kill two lovely young men. Prayers go out to Jade and Timmy and Codys familys .

    • Jordan

      Exactly my thought….she HAD to have been going at a high rate of speed to do such damage. She should be charged for that if NOTHING else….Accident? I think not.

      • Guest

        Her speed alone couldn't have caused the ambulance to slide that far, the ambulance had to have been speeding too.

  • Jordan

    Were both vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed for such a devastating wreck to occur? It seems like the girl must have been going quite fast to cause such damage. I totally agree that it is no accident to be out at 4:00 am after out drinking all night. Alcohol impairs your reflexes…that is not an accident. It could have and should have been prevented.

    • A Concerned Reader

      I find your comment to be repulsive. Just showing up to your job doesn't make a hero, the job makes the hero. Put yourself in check of what you do on a daily basis before you define if a person is a hero or not. Take a step back to understand regardless of any factor public safety comes running to your call regardless of rain, snow, storm, catasrophy, or time. They are there. That makes the hero not just because they showed up. These two men risked everything and made the ultimate sacrifice so you can be safe and well. But they according to you just showed up for their job. Look in the mirror, ever called 911, ever needed help. They are there. Where are you without that hero?

    • Medic Lynn

      No you're right just showing up to your job doesn't make you a hero. Saving peoples lives, sacrificing of yourself, your time for your fellow man. Holding the hand of a elderly person when they die, comforting a parent when you tell them I tried everything I could to save your baby. Pulling teenagers out of a vehicle because they were texting, endangering your life on a highway or interstate because people dont slow down and pull over like they are suppose to. Knowing your job and doing it to the best of your ability so you can save lives MAKES YOU A HERO!!!! Cody and Tim DID THIS ON A SHIFT TO SHIFT BASIS. They strived to be the best of the best at their career. So no they didn't just "show up" and do their job. So your right ……….THEY ARE HEROS! RIP CODY AND TIM!!!!!!!

  • RWL

    Cops speed, they never do the speed limit. And yes they hit cars all the time, and sometimes people die. Hold the police accountable too.

    • Guest 1972

      Why would the police be accountable for anything that happened connected to this accident? Keep on the subject of this horrible accident and quit trying to bring other events that have absolutely nothing to do with this into the topic.

  • Patty

    Who dose she knows or who is she related to? If this was me my ass would of been in jail! The point is she drink and drove,speed and did not watch what she was doing. Two guys lost their lives while doing there jobs and you are saying nothing should be done at all. BS.

      • Patty

        Yes I can but yet she was drinking.and it must had some kind of flex on her. She was speeding and. Run a red light. And before you say it yes I had run a light or two but never hit Nor killed anyone. I am not saying hang her either. But she must answer for what she did. I know it is sad all the was around for all, but just think if they were your faimly members who died, just doing there jobs.

      • Guest

        It doesn't say ANYWHERE that she was speeding. And the fact that she had a couple drinks way earlier in the night is irrelevant. And yeah, you've run a red light before, you could have easily hit and killed someone as well, you were just lucky enough to get away with it.
        I feel terrible for their families, I cannot imagine what they are going through right now. But I do know what she is going through right now as she is one of my very good friends.

  • Steve

    Do not get me wrong it is sad (criminal) that two people lost their lives but who is to blame. This incident happens all to often and both kill more people than assault rifles and that is cell phones usage while driving and booze and driving. Our elected officials say we have a law against cell phone texting but that did these two gentlemen alot of good didn't it. ..Driving drunk is alright so long as you make it home because to have a good time you have to get blitzed. Then if you get caught you either leave the scene and hire a good lawyer and get probation and loose your license because that way nobody can prove you drove drunk and killed someone and the next is do it in a county that you hire a local attorney and say you are sorry, pay a big fine, loose your license for a short period of time and go on with you life to do it again while the other person lies six foot under. WAKE UP AND CALL IT LIKE IT IS. You drink and drive is like you put the bullet in a gun. Murder is murder………….

  • Holly M

    Yes she has to live with the fact 2 people died because she choose to drink and drive weather under the limit or not. I beleave the limit should be lowered as to what is drunk or not. To many people thinking well as long as im under .08 im fine well .079 doesn't count

  • areyouserious 2

    If any of you were educated on here you would know that alchol actually increases for up to 4 hours after your last drink. So to say that she knew someone within the police force, or city government, or that she was out drinking all night only because it was 4:00am, and so on and so on I can't imagine what goes on in your little minds. Why can't someone every tell the truth without being labled? So 2 hours after the accident would of raised her BAC. If her drinks were "weak" then it is a great possiblity that she was not legally intoxicated. And the law says .08 is legally intoxicated. If she was a .07 then she didn't violate the law. Get over yourselves and know it seems this was an accident due to careless driving. Not because she was intoxicated. Yes it is very sad that these 2 men that provided a great service to the community passed in this loss and will be missed by all. But lets not rush to judgement to blame this woman for something she wasn't.

  • Bev

    So who is this young woman related to? An officer, a senator or lawyer? It does seem drawn out like the Bisard case. It is unfortunate that she has messd her life up, but when she chose to drink and drive she was clearly not thinking of what could happen. I'm sure she wishes she had pulled the car over to find out directions, but she did not. Then she apparently went through the flashing red light. Drinking anything or not would not have prevented that and it seems to me if she hit that ambulance hard enough to knock it over, then she must have been speeding! So the way I look at it this is a waste of three young lives. So tragic. But for those people whom feel hatred toward her, please try to think if it were your friend, or family who was driving and caused the accident. Please have some sympathy for her too. She needs to pay for what happened, but no one is going to gain from hatred!

  • Steve

    Was it an accident she was using her cell phone GPS. Who do we blame for that? It seems to me you would want to blame the cell phone provider, the state for not passing a law making this a crime to do this. Let call it as it is. Be responsible for what you do. Another thing that is wrong with our system is that it may be DUI with a blood content of .08 while driving but if she was walking down the street it could be drunk and disorderly conduct. Where is the justice.

    Bottom line is lets just everyone be accountable for their actions……….

  • Brenda

    No one seems to think that its not a big deal that the blood was not drawn for two hours…Her attorney will have a field day with this. The fact is that she killed two young men in the prime of their lives because she had been drinking. Her life is over.

  • Bill

    TWO HOURS ?????

    Why no breath test on the scene?

    This girl wil get away with murder,Curry will not prosecute.Pretty obvious that she knows someone or her family is connected for her to be able to wait two hours for a blood draw.

    • Guest

      She's from out of town, she doesn't know anyone. And I can't remember where it was or I would give you the link, but they did do a breath test on the scene and she was below the limit.

    • Holli

      I am sure they did do a breath test at the scene. A PBT is not admissible in court, when someone is actually arrested for suspected alcohol, law enforcement will administer an additional test at the holding facility which is admissible in court, this test usually occurs from 30 minutes to several hours after the arrest or accident. Had the accident not been a fatality, they most likely would not have had any reason to do any additional testing (in a fatality accident in Indiana, all parties have to submit to a blood draw under the law). It is obvious that she was not over the legal limit because she would have been transported to jail after being released from the hospital had the PBT given the officers probable cause to arrest her… but it didn't.

  • Joke

    For crying about not being labeled as "heroes" and "proffesionals" right off the bat, you guys sure are immature and vulgar on here.

  • Holli

    People are so quick to persecute someone when not all of the facts are even out there yet. It is gross negligence of societies part that this happens. This was an accident. An accident is someones lack of intention in causing harm to property or another person. She as a "source" says, was not intoxicated, it is not illegal to use GPS in a vehicle, that is what it is made for, she was from out of town (so I hear), so was probably unfamiliar with the area. Downtown can be daunting to a "stranger". If the source is correct, then no, alcohol was not a factor. We don't know what her BAC was, it could have been .01 which you can get from cough medicine. We just don't know, so it is not our place to judge. It makes me wonder how many innocent people are in prison because of people like some of those I have read comments from. I would hate to have most of you as a jury of my peers in any situation, let alone one that could cost someone their freedom. It is tragic that these two men died, but that doesn't always mean that someone has to be condemned for it. This situation happens thousands of times a day, and it was this instance that resulted in a horrible accident.

    • Steve

      God forbid it would happen to someone you know or your family and we would see how your views would change.
      Facts to look at, no not facts but items that should be addresed:
      If she was not drunk then so be it. This will be proven one way or the other. But it also sounds like they are trying to hang her by sending her blood to see what all it had in it. Should have done that to Bizzard and the lady who was drunk and hit cab driver.

      GPS was on the phone. Bad enough to text but there to again legal under Indiana law to drive and read you hand held gps. She was legal here also.

      This is why I say again be responsible and think before you get into some of these situations. These two men died in an accident that could have been prevented if someone would have acted like a true adult………..

      • Holli

        Actually it has happened to me in sort and that is where I learned TO NEVER JUDGE. My fiance was murdered. He was a police officer. The person that did it is serving 35 years. So once again, you are proving my point; quick to assume, but you don't have the facts.

    • brooke

      Thank you Holli!!!! Couldnt have said it better myself!!! I don''t know anyone involved… But no one knows the facts! For now it is all rumor and speculation! There are alot of very harsh judgemental people on here, who know absolutely nothing about this case who seem to be on a 'witch hunt" It is very tragic! I Will pray for all involved!

  • Dan

    She was from Florida and was only in Indy for a few weeks. A distracted driver is a dangerous one but let's call this what it was, an accident. I guarantee the pain that she feels is sufficient punishment for this accident. RIP Tim and Cody

  • Brian

    Let's hope justice is done — vehicular manslaughter I believe it is called ought to get ANYONE a minimum of 10 years in prision (and this ought to be doubled given the two deaths). What ought good citizens do when our justice system doesn't treat all equally under the law and when it lets "pretty girls" off easy such as the Melrose Place actress — we need to vote the prosecutor out of office — I wonder if this is all we can do. It also seems that our local journalist are not the watchdogs they ought to be — why isn't the Star and WIBC asking Troy Riggs and the Prosecutor what the hell is taking so long with the investigation and WHAT makes her situation so special that she is not under arrest at this very moment.

    • Guest

      It's only been 5 days, calm down. And as for her not being in jail right now, she technically didn't break any laws other that MAYBE running a red light, and that hasn't even been proven yet. Give it time.

  • Guest

    I am going to reiterate to the hoard of extra chromosomes in the comment section: If you knew how blood alcohol level worked within the human system, you would know that two hours [the time it took for them to draw her blood] would have actually increased the alcohol content. The law states that the point of intoxication is .08 and since her drinks were "weak", so we can rightly assume (for now) that she was not legally intoxicated. And even if she was, don't scrutinize her like this. She is a friend and if you believe for one second that things are sunshines and kittens for her right now, you've got another thing coming. It is utter Hell for her. Isn't the fact that she has to live with this for the rest of her adult life punishment enough? Fuck, you people are so stupid!

  • outraged

    This was a terrible tragedy everyway you look at it. She was not intoxicated legally or otherwise, (0.038). It was dark outside, in unfamiliar surroundings and where things went terribly wrong was when she ran thru the red flashing light. A ticketable offense yes, a civil personal lawsuit- possible, but some of the riduculous things that have been said previously, No. Again, a terrible tragedy and a mistake, not intentional. Where our laws should change, is the use of technology in our cars while driving- texting, calling, ……whatever! When your driving, that should be the ONLY thing you are doing. A vehicle can be a dangerous weapon, don't add amunition!! This is what we should be talking to our legislature about! I don't think anything could "punish" this girl more than what she will torture herself with the rest of her life. My prayers go out to all families involved!!

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