South side explosion suspects to face more charges Wednesday

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The three suspects in the south side disaster are expected to face additional charges Wednesday.

A judge will add an additional arson charge against Moncy Shirley, Mark Leonard and his brother, Bob Leonard. The three are already facing 100 charges each.

They are accused of the November explosion that killed two people and destroyed several homes.

All three have pleaded not guilty.

Among the arson charges, each defendant faces two counts of murder in the deaths of Jennifer and Dion Longworth.


    • Barbie

      Don't you think death would be the easy way out.? They aren't that old so the rest of their lives are going to be so miserable……

      • John Howard

        Easy has nothing to do with it. Never having to see their faces in a jailhouse interview or parole hearing, trying to justify or make excuses what they did, would be a good thing.

      • ISaidThat

        I think they should face a jury of their piers, exactly as they are entitled to under the constitution. In this case that jury would their former neighbors. There would be 15 minutes of "quiet" time for each juror to question the suspects with no questions asked afterwards.

        I say we build a test facility. Litter it along the exterior walls with gas leaks and silverware filled microwaves. Tie them in the center facing the timers and let them guess which one really goes boom. The gene pool does not need these vermin within it.

      • cjmo2662

        Yeah, you know Moncy's gonna milk it for all its worth! When she gets life without parole, I'm sure the tears will be real then! lol, burn in Hell!

      • anonymous

        I agree— They should spend the rest of their lives thinking about what they did!! I don't think they actually intended to kill that couple because they were just trying to get money from the insurance company. It backfired big time!!!

  • the boss

    They will have to face the real judge one day (GOD) he will give them the correct punishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was some crazy stuff they plotted! a lot of people suffered and still are

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