Mother of teen accused in city crime spree says son was getting life on track

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A juvenile accused in last week’s citywide crime spree will appear in adult court Wednesday.

Sirquain Burr, 17, is being held for his alleged involvement in two shootings on Feb. 13.

Burr and another juvenile, a 15-year-old boy, allegedly killed 38-year-old John Yingling in the 3300 block of Babette Court.  Later that morning, the two teenagers are accusing of shooting another man who was walking his dog in the area of Eagle Creek Reservoir.

The juveniles then led police on a chase that ended in a multi-vehicle crash in Brownsburg, police said.

Burr is expected to be charged as an adult during an initial hearing in Marion County Criminal Court Wednesday.

Burr’s mother told Fox59 she doesn’t believe her son committed the crimes. She said he has been in trouble in the past but was getting his life on track and was going to school. She said he had been living with her and told her he loved her before leaving the house on the day of the alleged crime spree.

Burr’s mother also said she doesn’t know the 15 year-old who is accused of committing the crimes with Burr.

The 15-year-old suspect is expected in juvenile court Thursday morning.


  • Andi

    "She doesn't believe her son commited the crimes." Caught after a high speed chase but she doesn't believe he commited the crimes? No accountability.

      • JOHN REDD


    • Learn2Spell

      Learn how to spell before you get on here talking about hanging people retard. Spawn of Satan not span of satin wtf!?!?!? Justice not Justic, Today’s not Todays. I would like to thank you by not wasting MY tax dollars getting an education becuase you CLEARLY don’t have one. Have several seats and SHUT UP!!!!

  • brandon bowen

    there should be no trial any more the should just take them out back a hang them by there necks them arent kids they are spans of satin bring back the old ways of justic todays ways just say they can do what ever they want and get away with it hang them or firing squad i say we waste enough tax money on people getting free room and board to work out or go to school or whatever on our dime bring back the old ways…

    • Brian

      Who cares if a person knows how to spell or even grammer as long as you understand what a person is trying to say. I'm tired of you spelling Bees who write about a persons spelling instead of the facts of the story. Sorry not everyone has your intellaagenceee.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Sorry Brian but words matter. They may not in your world but in mine it's indicative of the decline of modern education. The above diatribe written by "Brandon" is a sorry statement to the education system at large.

        So I will continue to point out crass spelling errors and sentence structure.


        Because I can.

  • Mettaintheworld

    BUT YOU GUYS!!! He told her he loved her before he left that morning…so …I mean, he COULDN'T have done it. (SMH)…Doesnt believe that he did the crimes. what is she…INSANE along with being a bad parent?!

    again, this goes to the other fox59 story about the judge wanting to hold parents responsible when their kids commit crimes….this mother…clue.LESS. and NO accountability what-so-ever.


    • TNovak

      I've seen it lots of times before. Families for the most part have a hard time accepting that their kids would do something like that even when confronted with overwhelming evidence.

  • Vickey

    She apparently believes him because he told her he loved her before he left to go rain terror on the city and take innocent lives and leave others with life time nightmares … Smh … so … if he was getting his life on track and going to school … WHY wasn't he in school THAT DAY ??? And I'd like to know why the 15 yr old isn't being tried as an ADULT … you wanna do adult crimes then do adult time … and the reason your 17 yr old son is doing this stuff lady is because you evidently blind to everything else he's doing like … when was the last time you ck'd his FB page … he's on there rapping about robbing and killing … but nooooooo …. he'd never do anything like that cause HE LOVES YOU …. You need help just like he does …. actually HE needs a lethal injection !!

  • Bernita

    I just can not believe that his mother can't believe that he did the crime!!!!OMG There is his face all over the news and that is her vehicle!!! Yet she can't believe he did it??????

  • Tim

    Shouldn't the 2 of them be convicted first??? Do you people have more knowledge of the crime than what the media has said? If they are guilty the they should be punished to the full extent of the law!

    • Brian

      Oh they are guilty alright, the problem is there is too many laws. If only one of those GOOD guys had a gun and used it, these hardened criminals would be resting without peace.

    • Mettaintheworld

      You're right Tim…we forgot….he told his mommy he loved her before he left..he couldn't have done anything wrong. :/ GEt a clue dipsh*t….They're both guilty as hell…and can ROT for all I care!

  • Tom

    “He was going to school” is “back on track”? Let’s see, mom doesn’t know who he is hanging out with, mom thinks just going to school (a basic requirement really) is some sort of vast improvement (over God knows what he was doing before that she considered “off track.”) Sounds like mom here considers denial to be responsible parenting.

  • Whatever

    Just look at this THUG'S facebook page. You can only see two photos but they speak volumes about him. He's too busy "gettin money" but we all know it isn't legit money. I looked at his mom's facebook when she told her name to a news station and before she set most of it to private. Last year she talked about how this boy was going to be the death of her and that they had to go to court, AGAIN! She knows it was him and that he's a sorry ass. Mom just needs to admit that she failed and that chubs is a ruthless thug.

  • Brian

    This country would be alot better off if the death penalty was administered within 24 months of conviction. Get rid of police brutality like in Europe. Crime will go down if the criminals knew the police would kick that A$$ an kill them if needed. We have way too many laws in the US that only make the guilty rich with a lawsuit of police brutality. Stupid law anyway,criminals need to respect our police across the US. I'm tire of racism claims, police brutality, and other BS claims against the police just to make money and get rich. RIP Rodney King

  • K-anne

    We should save death penalty for the child molesters n rapists! Guys like this should be sentenced to HARD LABOR, & we could save a lot of $$ down the line.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Hi K-anne. That will only work if the cost of incarcerating the no-goods outweighs the benefit of hard labor. As it is, we pay too much to coddle thugs like this.

      • K-anne

        I agree. I know everyone on these kinda stories get really upset, & people start spouting off "KILL HIM…HANG HIM…" etc, but come on….America doesnt do that. I do feel the same way as many people do, eye for an eye. But..seriously it will never happen. I feel like our justice system is a joke anymore. We do everything bass-ackwards & never have the punishment fit the crime. I just get sick of seeing so many stories where it seems like things could've been prevented if our system had done something the 1st time the person abused there kid, or raped someone, or robbed a store, ETC!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Agree and agree K-anne.

        People baying for immediate execution need to remember every year there a good amount of people freed from crimes they didn't comm

  • Guest

    They should fry both their asses!! Kids like this shouldn't be out in society, period! They BOTH are old enough to know better!

    • kay

      why dont you be the one to do it KLAN, kiss-love-all-niggas
      you HAHAHAHA. you are probably one of the many KLAN members who just DREAM of beautiful BLACK WOMEN like ME!

  • RedStateVet

    You get to go to Big Boy jail this time. Won't you be surprised when your cellmate introduces you to group showering. He's not going to wait for you to drop the soap, thugboy.

  • Guest

    They want to start holding the parents responsible, but we have so many laws to protect kids these days, you can't even correct the bad behavior at home or at school. So you get a lot of kids with no respect for anyone. They have no accountability for what's right or wrong and think they can get away with doing what they want and no one can touch them. Well this one should get the death penalty because he is totally out of control and does not need to ever be let back out in society.

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