Teen charged in crime spree, mother says she sought help for troubled son

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A juvenile accused in a citywide crime spree last week that involved murder, multiple shootings and robberies was officially charged in connection with the crimes Tuesday. His mother is apologizing to victims of the spree and says she tried to get help for the troubled teen.

Ten charges filed against 17-year-old Sirquain Burr in connection with the Feb. 13 crime spree included murder, robbery, attempted murder, auto theft and carrying a handgun without a license. A 15-year-old juvenile is also a suspect.

Burr’s mother spoke to Fox59 Tuesday morning outside a courtroom. She admitted her son has had problems and said she tried to get authorities to mandate more severe punishment for him.

“I‪nstead of giving him time, they gave him 30 days on a monitor, and here we are,” said Tyease Dunn, Burr’s mother, who claims he was given an ankle monitor in court in November.

Dunn said her son is no stranger to the justice system, and she apologized to the victims’ families.

“I don’t wish death on anyone, and I wouldn’t want anyone to lose their father or their mother, especially to something so petty, but I don’t know where he stands in all of this,” she said.

Kevin Andrews, a youth pastor with Carmel United Methodist Church, said he’s worked with Burr before.

“Whether the courts choose to give him a second chance is not for us to say. My heart goes out to the families of the victims. They didn’t deserve this,” he told Fox59. “Until we take that last breath, there is always a second chance.”

Authorities said Burr and the 15-year-old suspected killed 38-year-old John Yingling while he was in his truck in the 3300 block of Babette Court.  Officers arrived at the area after Yingling’s wife called 911 to report her husband sounded distressed while on the phone with her.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Yingling’s wife reported hearing a third party in the background say “money” and “wallet” before the call was disconnected.

When police arrived to the south side location, they found Yingling in the cab of his truck, suffering from a gunshot wound.  Burr was charged with two counts of murder, carrying a handgun without a license and robbery in connection with crime.

Later that morning, Burr and the other juvenile suspect are alleged to have fired multiple gunshots at a man who was walking his dog in the area of Eagle Creek Reservoir.  The man survived but sustained gunshot wounds.

In connection with that shooting, Burr was charged with attempted murder and carrying a handgun without a license.

Prior to the shootings, Burr and the 15-year-old suspect are accused of robbing a woman on Sapelo Drive, located on the city’s south side.  Police said the woman was heading to her garage when she was robbed at gunpoint.  They are also accused of stealing another unattended vehicle that was left running to heat up.

Burr was charged with robbery, attempted robbery and two counts of auto theft in connection with the incident.

Witnesses reported the suspects were traveling in a blue SUV, which police spotted and pursued following the shootings at Eagle Creek.  Burr and the other juvenile led police on the chase that ended in a multi-vehicle crash in Brownsburg.

Burr is also charged with robbery, attempted robbery and possession of stolen property in connection with a separate case involving the theft of a Kia Optima on Feb. 1, according to court documents. That car was spotted again during the attempted robbery of a man on the afternoon of Feb. 11. Shortly after that attempt, the car was seen again during an armed robbery in which a man’s iPhone 5 and wallet were stolen.

Burr will appear for his initial hearing in Marion County Criminal Court Wednesday.  The 15-year-old suspect is expected in juvenile court Thursday morning.