Teen officially charged in crime spree that involved murder, shootings and robberies

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A juvenile accused in a citywide crime spree last week that involved murder, multiple shootings and robberies was officially charged in connection with the crimes Tuesday.

Ten charges filed against 17-year-old Sirquain Burr in connection with the Feb. 13 crime spree included murder, robbery, attempted murder, auto theft and carrying a handgun without a license.

Burr and a 15-year-old boy are accused. Authorities said the two killed 38-year-old John Yingling while he was in his truck in the 3300 block of Babette Court.  Officers arrived to the area after Yingling’s wife called 911 to report her husband sounded distressed while on the phone with her.

According to the probable cause affadavit, Yingling’s wife reported hearing a third party in the background say “money” and “wallet” before the call was disconnected.

When police arrived to the south side location, they found Yingling in the cab of his truck, suffering from a gunshot wound.  Burr was charged with two counts of murder, carrying a handgun without a license and robbery in connection with crime.

Later that morning, Burr and the other juvenile suspect are alleged to have fired multiple gunshots at a man who was walking his dog in the area of Eagle Creek Reservoir.  The man survived but sustained gunshot wounds.

In connection with that shooting, Burr was charged with attempted murder and carrying a handgun without a license.

Prior to the shootings, Burr and the 15-year-old suspect are accused of robbing a woman on Sapelo Drive, located on the city’s south side.  Police said the woman was heading to her garage when she was robbed at gunpoint.  They are also accused of stealing another unattended vehicle that was left running to heat up.

Burr was charged with robbery, attempted robbery and two counts of auto theft in connection with the incident.

Witnesses reported the suspects were traveling in a blue SUV, which police spotted and pursued following the shootings at Eagle Creek.  Burr and the other juvenile led police on the chase that ended in a multi-vehicle crash in Brownsburg.

Burr is also charged with robbery, attempted robbery and possession of stolen property in connection with a separate case involving the theft of a Kia Optima on Feb. 1, according to court documents. That car was spotted again during the attempted robbery of a man on the afternoon of Feb. 11. Shortly after that attempt, the car was seen again during an armed robbery in which a man’s iPhone 5 and wallet were stolen.

Burr will appear for his initial hearing in Marion County Criminal Court Wednesday.  The 15-year-old suspect is expected in juvenile court Thursday morning.


    • His Wife

      you dont know what triggered them to do the things they did . they was probably going thru some ruff times and needed help , im gonna really need you to stop calling my boyfriend a dumbass . b/c cus in reality yourr probly the biggest idiot in the world, FUCK you & the egg you hatched from BITCH !!!!!

  • Tom

    Let’s not kid ourselves, this kid will get a Public Defender assigned to him, who will plea this out based on a first offense and he is a student who had a troubled childhood being raised by a single parent. A good chunk of his sentence will get suspended and he will be paroled and walking the streets by the time he is old enough to legally drink. Sad but true.

  • WOW

    OMG WTF IS WRONG WITH HIS FACE. DUDE’S EYE IS ALL KINDS OF F’D UP!!! COULD HE EVEN SEE WHO HE WAS SHOOTING? SHEESH….DAMN SHAME. Ok let me stop yelling lol….but yea how you supposed to be getting your life together and can’t see ish!?!?! lmfao…ok I’m done!!!!

  • Think Deeper

    Tom – although not mentioned in this article, it has been mentioned in others that he already has a long criminal record. I seriously doubt he gets off easy on this.
    Randy – the two sentences show he is being tried as an adult. He will be in Marion County Criminal Court while the other will be in Juvie
    WOW – I think it's obvious he got messed up in the crash/arresting moment.
    Da Bodysnatcher – Hell YES!!!

  • Mettaintheworld

    SO glad he's being tried as an adult! People are fed up with this type of BS on our streets…lets make an example of all of these young punks that are obviously so ignorant and selfish!

  • John

    Yeah, and his daddy on television talking about he's such a good boy, he goes to church and all that. Daddy needs to open his eyes that his son is bout to become Bubba's bitch……..

      • Mettaintheworld

        ..and just because someone 'goes to church' does not make them a 'good person'….I know alot of hypocrites who go to church.

    • Guestt

      actually that wasnt his dad on television. i know both Sirquain and the man on TV in person. Sirquain was under the influence of drugs when this happened. he was a good kid, who got involved in the wrong crowd and mad quite a few bad decisions that are going to lead him to prison

      • stupid.

        somebody alwwaayyyysssss knows these people and wants to claim they are good people. OPEN YOUR EYES FOOL. this kid is a hoodrat, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Janna Zeiher

    Chcek out his Facebook photos, holding a wad of money..most likely stolen. Hope poor single Mama does better with the other 12 tax deductions.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Also, is this the POS whose guardian last week claimed he wasn't "brought up like that?" Claimed he went to Church all the time?

  • Eric Sarver

    This young man was a product of his negative environment on television, the glorification of money by society. We celebrate the negative in this society. When you do, this is what you get, little kids are watching us everyday. When having the nicest car means more than grades in order to earn a young ladies attention. At least in prison he will be able to grow into a real man. And not from sex either.. He will be exposed to books and writing and using his mind to become creative. Now that’s a celebration…Amen

    • ClanSmokeJaguar


      Your comment reminds me of the old movie, "Repo Man", where "Duke" lays shot in a liquor store, bleeding out and says something like "I know a life of crime led me to this fate! This is society's fault. Society made me what I am."

      Otto, holding Duke says, "That's boochit! You're a white suburban punk like me"

  • Bill

    SOOOO Eric….or should I say Andre Carson….this was something that HAD to happen? It was GOOD that this happened in order for this earned income credit POS to get a good education and parenting??? In PRISON??? People had to DIE, get shot at, so this section 8 hood rat could "become a man"???? LMK when someone you care about gets murdered so we can say "don't worry Eric, it was for the better for the guy who did the killin'"….WOW. a F>>>>NG celebration??!?!?!!!!!! SICK.

    • Eric Sarver

      It's not my fault, is everyone's reality. But if we talking about something that has been going on for generations. How is his parents or even your parent for that matter going to teach him over night when they haven't even been taught the right way. These are some youngsters man?.. And I have had things happen to me and seen plenty of guys shot down for nothing. But that don't mean that those people can't change. When it's your son who doing the shooting, then you tell me about justice? You aren't gonna wanna see him hung? Well that's how I feel about everybody.. No matter what has happen to me.. Bad.. In my life I don't bust everybody else, innocent in the worlds head no more

      • Eric Sarver

        When I was 15 sixteen years old, and my Moma was in the streets.. How that make a young man feel? These young men are faced with life altering decisions at such an early age.. Just a couple of weeks ago, my nephew who is a senior at Lawrence .. Was put in hand cuffs and threatened to be stunned if he didn't leave.. And we wonder why young people are angry… Don't get mad at me cause I'm trying to look at things in a different way.. No negative comment or feelings or actions can help nothing but to continue strife ignorance and more death, so if you want that then whatever.. Reactionist.,are just that., pros and cons to everything. What about his society being responsible?

  • Crash3

    A man is dead! And that is forever. Instead of ranting, why doesn't someone make positive suggestions as to how to prevent this from happening. This young men had a chance at a better education than I did, graduating from a rural high school in 1960 with little preparation for college. Still, despite the sexual attitudes of the time and little money, I graduated from IU in a time when student loans did not exist, especially for girls. Throwing money at the problem doesn't solve anything. Society, as in the Great Society giveaway, is more responsible than anything. And there is worse coming. We are paying women to have babies, not to rear them into responsible adults. It is the adults who must become more responsible for the actions of themselves and their children. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the orphanages.

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