Police: Man took Walmart scooter on wrong-way, drunken joyride

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GREENWOOD – An Indianapolis man faces charges after police say he stole a motorized scooter from a Greenwood Walmart and took it for a joyride.

Officers pulled Marcus Degraphenreed over just before 4 a.m. Thursday after seeing him going the wrong way on State Road 135. He was driving a motorized cart from the Walmart on Emerson and County Line road, police said.

Degraphenreed told police he’d found the cart, but the store confirmed that it had been stolen. The cart also had a sign saying “in-store use only” that drew initial scrutiny from police.

Police found him about six miles away from the store. Investigators said the cart has a maximum speed of six miles an hour.

Police arrested Degraphenreed after he failed field sobriety tests. They also said he seemed disoriented.

Preliminary charges against him included theft and driving under the influence.

The cart was returned to the store.


  • Rick

    I'm surprized he could get it into the parking lot at WalMart. Everytime I used their chairs the battery dies before I can get to the back of the store.

  • safety guy

    I broke my leg this year, and I have to say using one of those makes you feel like you've hit a white trash low.

  • jay

    Driving the wrong way on the highway , drunk , with stolen handicap shopping cart . I love this guy . He makes me seem smarter !

  • MeatPlow

    Sounds like something you might actually do in college. or at the 500. but with a golf cart… I relate but I survived and joined society (debatable) and am better looking (fact).


      REAL this is directed to you….HE IS NOT AN ILLEGAL….HE IS A BLACK U.S. CITIZEN…. he is also a GOD fearing young man that has faced alot of adversity & traumatic events in his family in recent years that have affected him in a way that may be unexplainable to some. He comes from a family that loves him unconditionally and that will be there to support him through this time. Some people may not understand all that he is going through right now but if you did I am sure that your snide comments such as "He looks like and illegal, send him back" would not roll off the tongue so easily. LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE…While I AM SURE that nobody that has seen or heard about this unfortunate situation is SIN FREE, please keep your rotten comments to yourself. Respect the fact that he is going through a difficult time in his life and that you are no better than him. Thank you in advance. Signed…Family Member of Marcus DeGraphenreed.

  • joyce

    i am so sick and tried of hearing about how bad people have things that justify why they do dump crap.. really? That is no excuse to act like an idot steal or kill or rob and rape .. I had a rough child hood. but i dont use that as an excuse to get out here and do stupid shit! really get a clue.. there is mental health services available to help.. yet all anyone wants to do is make friggin excuses.. i will loan him the money to go buy a clue.. lock him up and let him get the help he needs and stop making exuces!!


    FIRST AND FOREMOST JOYCE…NO BODY IS MAKING EXCUSES FOR HIM…no one ever said the situation was right..and maybe you are the IDIOT for one not doing a spell check before you hit "submit comment" but I digress. Maybe if you would have gotten the mental help that you needed concerning your rough childhood you would have learned a little compassion for those that are going through a struggle of their own right now. TRUST & BELIEVE we don't need your money, your clue, much less your clueless comments. Maybe we should loan you some money to take some english classes or maybe even get you a tutor & we will even throw in the hooked on phonics deluxe edition for free. Grant it nobody in his family is excusing the fact that he did something wrong, we are just a family that loves unconditionally no matter what may have made one of us fall short as we all do at some point in our lives. We also recognize circumstances & situations as tricks of the enemy, & WE MOST DEFINITELY RECOGNIZE the works of THE LORD, & we know for sure that HE will allow us to go through some things in order for HIM to get us to HIM….maybe you should get in your BIBLE & read…know that JOSEPH was thrown in a prison where he was made a KING appointed by PHAROH…so don't EVER think that MARCUS DEGRAPHENREED is not covered, he is going to be okay. He may not be what you think he should be & he may look like a criminal to you but let me assure sweetheart that he is NOT. BELIEVE that if you have never believed anything else…Marcus is in a destination that is most certainly tied to his destiny ordained by GOD….you may not understand that and it is okay we don't expect everybody to….. LIKE I SAID BEFORE LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE, maybe sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around somebody else's…we will however continue to pray for you, so that your eyes won't be so quick to only see the surface, so that your mind won't be so quick to think only inside the box, & that your tongue won't be so quick to speak of judgement…..there is an old saying that has proven over and over again to be true…."don't be so quick to believe everything you hear, & only believe half of what you see"…..Signed…Family Member of Marcus DeGraphenreed.

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