Child in car injured in shooting

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A 9-1-1 call from the 2000 block of Adina Blvd., reported a child had been accidentally shot.

Officers arrived on the scene just before 3:30 Saturday afternoon and determined the child had not been shot, but was rather injured by flying glass.

The child was believed to be sitting in a car that was shot at.

The victim was checked out by EMS personnel and is in good condition.

Andrea Drake, the suspect who police believe fired the gun, was arrested on a charge of felony criminal recklessness.


    • guest

      Anybody know anymore info? Why did Andrea Drake shoot at a car with a child inside? Was the vehicle parked, anyone else inside? What is her story? I heard it was a disturbance…is she known to be around trouble like this? Anyone know her?

    • cjmo2662

      Right! Gun control laws will not keep criminals & idiots from getting their hands on guns, but responsible, law-abiding gun owners will be forced to give theirs up. Makes sense to me! I hate senseless gun violence as much as anyone else, but restrictions won't keep criminals from having them.

  • cjmo2662

    WTF is wrong with people? Have they no common sense? Why would some idiot shoot at a car with a child in it? I hope the injuries are minor & wish for a speedy recovery, for the child and the child's parents. I hope the idiot who shot her gets her a$$ whooped in jail! That is inexcusable!

  • Anonymous

    Probably should not go to someones property to harass them with your child in the car,you never know who has a gun

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