INDOT: Interstate may reopen Monday

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INDOT says that I-65 Northbound and I-70 Eastbound may be opened before the Monday morning work rush. Workers confirmed that the Virginia Avenue bridge beam can be repaired using readily available materials. Fabricators are working today to cut steel plates that will be spliced onto the damaged sections.

Parts of the interstate were closed Friday afternoon after a truck struck the overpass, damaging its steel beams.

I-70 Eastbound traffic is currently being rerouted to I-65 at the South Split. I-65 Northbound traffic is diverted to I-70 Westbound.


  • ReSS

    These tall trucks that cause this kind of senseless damage need to be banned. Ignore the fact that millions of them are operated safely by competent people every day, that- and other facts- are irrelevant. If we can prevent this kind of damage just once, it's worth it.

    • Johnna

      1st of all it wasn't the truck that damaged the bridge it was the lift he/she was hauling!!!!!! If you want to ban those so call tall trucks then we also need to ban the IDOITS behind the wheel of any vehichle that cause SENSELESS damage to anything!!!! Think about it, IT WAS ACCIDENT!!!

    • Tim

      It may not be the the drivers fault , senseless people in the DOT route these tall loads through and around our interstate system. If they routed them that way and no height sign visible than how could it be us fault !

      What is the whole story , I don't know?

  • Darrel

    If it was too tall for this underpass, how did it get under all of the other ones? Maybe it was not built to national specifications!!!!!

  • DeezNuts

    It was the first bridge the truck came to from 70 Eastbound to 65 Northbound. These bridges downtown are the lowest clearance bridges in the city yet they are still higher than the DOT requires.

  • John

    The so called IDIOT truck driver that you are talking about have a route to follow that is given to them by the Department of Transportation for the State of Indiana, so if you want to throw out blame then you need to call them.
    It just amazes me at the people who want to throw out the blame at people and they have no idea what they are talking about.

    • Tim

      I agree , but it was in a icy day , did he jack knife and slide up the support ramps. And hit the bridge there. I'm just saying

  • Dwallace

    I am a truck drive and I can say one thing is that those bridges on 65 there are at the split are at 14'. The national height of a bridge is 13.6' or higher. But that is only 4" higher then the national height. So if you have a trailer that is on a air ride system. The trailer will bounce a little. I can tell you one thing is if the state would put the fuel tax into use and make Indiana roads better. Then we wouldn't have a problem. Isn't that where a lot of the fuel tax should be going to? Besides into pockets or on other things that don't really need to be fixed? These roads are some of the worse in the nation!!!!!

  • JCannaday3

    Fox59: Please keep us posted on how much this repair cost and if we are gong to recoup these expenses from the person who caused the damage.

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