Police investigate shooting outside Greenwood Park Mall

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Greenwood Police say there has been a shooting outside the Greenwood Park Mall.

Police are questioning three people and believe the shooting started after a possible drug deal gone bad.

The shooting happened in a car in the south-east side of the parking lot of the mall.

No one was injured, but police are still investigating the area.


  • ReadyforSpring

    But if this shooting happened in the "Hood" then there would be at least 100 racist and ignorant comments. However, as of 6:33 pm, there are only five. Why?

  • Common Sense

    Hey idiot, the "hood" as you say DOMINATES crime in this and every other metro city. Crime does happen everywhere but to compare a shooting at the Greenwood mall (NO INJURIES BTW) to violence in the hood is just ignorant.. Research crime rate statistical data published by your federal government. You will gain nothing from self deception.

  • Roger Adams

    Ummm..really? Lafayette square = ran over by thugs, wash sq = ran over by thugs, east gate = destroyed by thugs…circle center = absolutely unsafe after 7pm, why? THUGS!!…greenwood was the SOLE peaceful part of town….this is why people are fleeing this city!! No one has the god damn guts to call IT OUT!

  • MeatPlow

    good research. Shuts up the first 5 morons. Who's robbing homes in Carmel, Westfield Fishers, Greenwood…. thugs preying on people who are at work.

  • Jeff Boost

    Oh no doubt… Obviously criminals abide by the law and all!
    Hell, they might as well make MURDER and DRUGS illegal too, some people stop doing them.
    Oh wait….. logic just struck.


  • 'Thor'

    No guns are registered in this state and most others. History has shown that registration always leads to confiscation and millions have been eradicated after confiscation.

    At least know what you are talking about when you post. Another low-informed.

  • spokenword100

    I never said they were! What I said is where are all the people that are always commenting on what happens in the hood as if crime doesn't happen every where to all kinds of people. Maybe you should slow down take your time and attempt to understand the comment. My point was clearly all the racist critics that say crime only involves black people and black areas have nothing to say about this drug deal gone bad that involved both racist white and black! If you are going to be a critic of the news be one at all times!

  • Ann

    So what … The east side and west side were once proud and family oriented also. Wake up the good, bad, and ugly live, work, and visit all parts of town.

    • Roger Adams

      Actually I've lived here my entire life and the west side has always been a junk pile, nothing lasts and is ran down in months. Here's a test..go to Lafayette road Walmart (a store anyone can afford) at 11pm on a ohh…Saturday night, you may be MURDERED…ok, then lets compare Walmart in greenwood…the worst is maybe a dirty look…..why can't anyone just say it how it is? It's the minority pack in all races that gives ZERO rats ass about how things stay nice and culture is built…instead it's destroy and leave and spread…..it's not racism, white trash does it also!! Why is ever SCARED TO SPEAK THE TRUTH?!?! It's not white, black, or even brown issue – it's forcing the BAD PEOPLE TO BE SCARED OF US FOR ONCE!! Why are we scared?!? We are the ones who work hard and keep this country and city running! Absolutely disgusted at how Indy is bowi down to the thugs and does NOTHING for the average citizen

      • none

        Uh, I don't know what parallel universe you live in, but the WalMart in Greenwood (South Indy, actually) has been disgusting for at least fifteen years. Apparently you're okay with the KKK graffiti and the multiple men openly masturbating in the bathrooms to the extent that you can't let boys go to the bathroom alone? Actually, considering your comments, I can see you're just fine with the skinheads there. Even for WalMart standards that place is horrifying.

  • RedState_Vet

    You can't really be the ignorant, can you? Do you think these thugs had legally purchased weapons, with the proper right to carry permit?

    • spokenword100

      Better than?! You both sound like two highly unintelligent individuals! All this crime is senseless and needs to be put to a stop. White, black or any other race it just comes down to evil period. Like I said above instead of wasting so much time blaming all crime on black people and the hood, you could use that time and energy to help. By the way this was a drug deal gone bad that included a white and a black guy! The same guy you seen on TV talking about his car with that lovely flag in the back ground was making a purchase from a guy from 30th and hillside. Before you pass judgement get the details.

    • Black Girls rock

      you sound like the silliest person walking Gods green earth. I pray for ppl like you, tell me what is yor mouth doing to help the situation. Your ignorance is destroying the world just as the "thugs" or niggers (from the mouth of the devil). If it wasnt for slaves you white ppl would know nothing. And from the sounds of it you still know nothing. SAAAAADDDD!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Really? You are an ignorant bigot. Maybe we should send all the bigots to hell! It is people like you that foster hatred among all people. Hatred only breeds hostility, violence, and war among people. Have you ever considered that the reason this country is becoming increasinly more violent and dangerous is because people like you spreading your deadly ignorance. Get real. And just for the record, I am caucasion. (That means "white person", I know you have a very limited vocabulary and inteligence).

  • 'Thor'

    The result of the "soft news" media today. Sports, weather, and entertainment dominate the news with a few sories like this thrown in which are severely lacking in details. The journalistic standards today are appalling, misspellings and incorrect content are the norm now. "Hard news" is hard to find today.

  • MeatPlow

    but everyone that looks at you sideways is an enemy, and you justify shooting them. Ya'll still got us crakas beat with statistics, even with a couple of crazy craka @ss mofos doin a theater or school. They are flat out nuts, not an excuse for killing, but better than "I don't like him, he my enemy, we goin shoot him" EVERY FREAKING DAY.

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