Child services investigates dad of 9-year-old rapper who sings about drugs, guns

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  • julie s

    I don't see anything funny about this… and for FOX to make light of this story with 'amusing' turns of phrase is disgusting. It IS completely inappropriate for this age of child to be singing songs about mature material like drugs, sex and violence etc. Maybe an investigation is what is needed to see what's really going on? the only way he would know what the lyrics mean is if he is seeing it, or it is being told to him – either way, its WRONG to expose a 9 year old to these ideas. It is NOT cute, and it is potentially damaging. And if it is a money-making business move, it is exploitation of the most despicable nature….


    You know child services need to find them something to do….you know like bust down the doors of these women selling their little girls for cocaine, crack, heroin, or meth. bust down the doors of the people selling they darn foodstamps meant for their children to the drug dealers, bust down the doors of the fathers molesting their children, bust down the doors of HOES leaving their kids alone for the COCAINE….no this little boy probably shouldn't be talking about this stuff, but because he is does that mean that his father is a gang banger or drug dealer….HELL NO…..this father is no different from any other parent allowing his child to use his talent and capitalizing on it….UGH I HATE IT that people act so righteous that they can look down on some one because they dirty laundry hasn't been exposed…why they ain't investigating justin beiber's mama for allowing her under age child to SMOKE weed and laying down with HOES that needed paternity test for alledged babies….NEWSFLASH he couldn't have been a suspect unless he was on the scene…..but i forgot this little boy and his parents have a little darker skin than justin bieber….not saying that the little boy shouldn't change up what he is rapping about, not saying that it ain't surprising to hear coming out of a 9 year old but dang on HIS PARENTS are fine with it so why should it be anybody else's business……PLEASE CHILD SERVICES FIND YA'LL SOMETHING TO DO…there are so many MUCH MORE IMPORTANT things that child services could be focused on….this is NOT ABUSE….this child probably was rapping about this stuff and his parents just happen to hear while walking past his room one day and decided if he was gonna do it let's get paid for it….TRUTH BE TOLD this is what all the rappers talk about and doesn't mean that his parents are bad people…

    • MeatPlow

      interesting take. So this brat should go about his business and further degrade society and those that listen to him and think he is cool. We'll hear about him again I'm sure it will not be in a positive light.

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