Ex-jail guard who encouraged inmates to get naked for favors agrees to plea deal

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A former Morgan County Jail corrections officer accused of giving inmates special treatment if they exposed their breasts in front of him has agreed to a plea deal.

Nicholas Tankersley, 21, will plead guilty to one count of official misconduct, In exchange, prosecutors agreed to drop two other charges against him.

In January, Tankersley was charged with sexual battery, official misconduct and theft and battery.

Between November 2012 and January 2013, inmates at the Morgan County Jail said he gave them special favors if they exposed their breasts or stood naked in front of him. Those favors included markers, extra sheets, oranges and ink pens. According to court documents, he gave one woman batteries he’d acquired from the sheriff’s department so she could listen to her radio.

Two inmates said they performed a “sex show” for Tankersley, according to court documents. Another said the guard squeezed her breast while she was in bed. At the time, he was delivering toilet paper to the cell. Other inmates told investigators that if “you show your breasts to Tankersley, you get stuff.”

Investigators said Tankersley admitted to most of the inmates’ accusations under questioning.

Tankersley was fired after the investigation.


  • Josh

    I am so glad that everyone and their brother that commits a crime get a plea bargain even murders rapist and all walk of scum can say I will commit a crime and get off decause prosecutors don't have the guts to go after them or they don't want the headache of trial so what what about the victims got the way law works

    • martinstucky

      This is Morgan county Josh. It is who you are related to that gets you off and since they are all inbred, no local ever gets convicted of anything. Look at Wolf and McGowan caught with pants around the ankles and gets a pass.

  • Ediut

    One tiny omission in the article, what was the deal? So glad you could get the explicit details in there, but considering I read to see what the punishment was for the crime, I'm still wondering.

    • martinstucky

      likely not sentenced yet. He will receive the sentence of being the grand master of the white power, uncle-daddy molester parade this spring in Martinsville. That is of course if coach Wolf will share his ride in the convertible.

  • MeatPlow

    Here's a smoke, now show me your yitties….. It's not like he made them get in a pyramid. What's the big deal?

  • outraged

    Holly.. it's people like you that give our "justice system" the name it has! He is supposed to be there as a CORRECTION OFFICER! Not just because they 'allowed it'! If everyone else in his position was doing the same thing or worse, our society would be as screwed up as your way of thinking!!!

  • Holly

    Must be Holly day on here HaHa. I have to say on one hand everyone needs to understand that he did not force anything on them ((except when he grabbed chick, thats unacceptable, end of story)) These females probably offered to show him themselves 99% of the time WITHOUT him asking … ""Other inmates told investigators that if “you show your breasts to Tankersley, you get stuff."" He's def in the wrong for doing what he did & should be reprimanded–The inmates will have consequences to pay who were involved…Bet they won't have another marker or battery for the duration of their stay!!! This is ONE GOOD reason why guards should be same sex as offenders. Hats off to the inmate who had enough respect for herself to turn this scum bag in.

  • StarlettMiller

    martinstucky… There are FAR MORE children, and children of children and indeed many, MANY generations of people, in the Martindale-Brightwood area of Marion County that have no idea who their father is than there are in all of Morgan County.

    A great many of these illegitimates NEVER leave their neighborhoods and grow up breeding with who ever they can, as many times as they can, making the possibility of idiot mutants in urban areas of the country FAR greater than anywhere in America.

    Statistics can also provide some insight into this problem with people from this culture leading the nation in general health issues, chronic drug and alcohol addiction and sexually transmitted diseases.

    Additionally, there are far more cases of child molest in this culture than are reported simply because it is something not seen as out of the ordinary. So you see, the "uncle-daddy molester parade" if FAR more likely to happen on 38th street than anywhere in Indiana.

    You don't have to believe me though, simply use your favorite web search engine and see for yourself.

    • martinstucky

      First I would like to start by saying you are a racist, but that is no surprise. Secondly there is a study underway at the Morgan county hospital into the genetic inbreeding and health consequences on the population in Martinsville. There is a far higher instance of low IQ, cancer, birth defects and addictions not to mention sex offenders in Martinsville than the state on average. There is one registered sex offender per every 200 residents of Martinsville and these are the ones who have been caught. There are family members of the school board and every prominent family in martinsville on the roster. This is public information. For your information the rate in the rest of Morgan County is 1/800 and 1/900 for the rest of the state including the 38th street area. The rate in Martinsville is statistically significant and a clear indication that molesting and inbreeding are rampant in the town. The other thing you are not realizing is the population you mention is much more transient and therefore less likely to inbreed. In Martinsville the same families have been intermarrying/inbreeding for almost 200 years making the genetic pool very stagnant. Your suggestion that there are fewer reports is absolutely hilarious considering the extent the local inbreeds went to trying to cover up the highly publicized cases of Wolf, McGowan, Vanderbark, etc, etc… The number of sex offenders getting off because they are related to the right person in Martinsville is highly suspect as it is certainly higher than in a larger city. I am certain you have never been in brightwood, let alone outside of Morgan county.
      Fact is they don't have to have a special molester parade in Martinsville, every day is white power, daddy-daughter molester day in Martinsville.

  • anonymous

    He knows what he did was wrong… he didn’t do everttthing these newspapers and the news says the police report does not say all of this. They take what they got and ran with it… if he did everything this stuff said he would not have gotten two charges droped. Plus that reporter guy didn’t even get in the court room till 20 min after the hearing started so he did not hear everything the judge or the attorney or anyone else said. He took what he heard at the end and put it in the paper. I’m sorry but we as his family have to live with people asking is questions and answering for that. But the girl this happened to has forgiving him and so have all of his family. I understand that everyone has their own opinion… but we have to read theses opinions and get funny looks while were out and around like we are the one’s who did this. He will have to live with this for the rest of his life and since this is martinsville and its all about names around here, so will the tankersley name. I am in no way saying what he did was right! But forgiviness comes from the victim and the families nobody else has a right to condem him. I am sorry if I have offended anyone or said something that was wrong I just thought I should say how I feel because everyone else was. Thanks, god bless.

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