Man, two young children killed in Attica house fire

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ATTICA – A fire swept through a home in Attica early Tuesday, killing a father and his two young children.

That fire started just after midnight at 300 block of West Washington Street. The man—who investigators believe is the children’s father—called 911, telling dispatchers he could hear the fire but couldn’t see it. That man died, along with two children ages 18 months and 3 years.

Crews said the fire was so intense that they couldn’t stay inside the home after entering. It took them several hours to put it out. They found the victims’ bodies when they searched the home.

A woman who went to run an errand returned to find the home on fire. Investigators have not released the victims’ names.

Sources told Fox 59 that the woman is the children’s mother and wife of the man who died.

The cause remains under investigation.


  • mary jane dewitt

    wow if he could have hard the frie why didnt he get them out i dont understand how he did not get them out or his sefe out their is something wrong with that dont u think them pour babys

    • Brittany

      that is my best friends family. dont be talking shit. he smelled the smoke and called 922. when he did the fone dies. the kids was asleep wen all this happen he tryed to get teh kids out but the house wen tuop to flams before he could get out. i was at work wen all this happen.

      • Brittany

        that is my best friends family. dont be talking shit. he smelled the smoke and called 911. when he did the fone dies. the kids was asleep wen all this happen he tryed to get teh kids out but the house went up to flams before he could get out. i was at work wen all this happen.

      • B.Y.

        Wow Brittany, I think we might know each other…..I think I have read some of your other literary works of art……you have shitty grammar!

    • Chelsea

      Hello I'm the aunt of them poor babies I would like for you to not dis my brother in law he tried to get them out he woke up in the smoke so DO NOT talk down about him he tried all he could to save them!

  • Michelle

    Before you judge why don't you let the fact come out fist. Maybe he tried to get out and couldn't. What a shame when people start blaming before they know anything. A family has lost a father and 2 children.. Have more respect for those who are grieving. People these days are just plan hateful and rude..

  • Laura

    I've been inside a burning house before-fires spread pretty damn quick! Chances are, he didn't have time to get them out!

  • brittany

    what happened is not whats important. whats important is that this family is going through what may be the toughest time of thier lives. and more than likely will see this article and all the comments people are making. so why not try to be positive?? for thier sake. Good Grief, people.

  • carolyn gregory

    i do car shows for pepole in need and i would like to do a car show to help out a little bit i know it is not going to bring the children and husband back but it might help the mother out a little bit if any body would like to help call 765-295-2421 home or 765-363-0954 cell i will try to find a place in attica to hold the car show and get sponsors from attica area if any body would like to donate money or door prizes or sponsor a award cost of awards is $15 each all proceeds will go to the mother

  • Ashley

    I live in the town that this fire happened, and the news spreads pretty fast in this town and knowing that something like this happened is truly sad, the mother just lost the loved ones that she loved the most early this morning and has to go through the rest of her life knowing that.

  • No name

    Prayers are needed for this family and the Emergency Personnel on scene this morning. I personally was there and all I can tell you is that this event came with great loss. This is all I can comment on and before you lay blame on someone please remember that this could have happened to you. My heart felt love goes out to all involved.

  • Lindsey

    I am family to the father, please contact the Williamsport Community Church or donations, charities, and all other information. There is a fund set up at the fowler state bank in Williamsport.

    • carolyn gregory

      lindsey can you call me my name is carol and i would like to put together a car show and raise some money to help out my number is up a couple lines

      • Lindsey

        Try calling, 765-585-6144, her name is Kim, she seems to be the one putting a lot of stuff together for the family.

  • Ashley

    there is a lot of support for this young mother, from the community, and that is all what matters is that mother can get back on track with her life, with the essentials that she needs to survive. A lot of things is being done from the donations to benefits, with money donations being made. I love my community and what they do in a time of greif

  • Jessica A

    Sad with the negativity! This is just a terrible accident that happened to this poor young lady! We live in IL and my boyfriend works @ Harrison and we are getting people around our community to donate things

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