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Sequestration’s first Indiana victim? The Indianapolis Air Show

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Uncertainty surrounding federal budget cuts has prompted organizers of the Indianapolis Air Show to cancel this year’s event.

The executive committee made the decision to cancel the 2013 Indy Air Show after considering the effects of federal sequestration. The event was scheduled for June 15 and 16 at Indianapolis Regional Airport near Mt. Comfort.

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels were scheduled to headline the event, but if broad cuts are made to federal sectors, U.S. military jet teams could be grounded. Additional military support for air shows could also be suspended.

“Due to budget uncertainties resulting from the threat of sequestration and its impact on military participation at our show, all of which are beyond our control, we have been forced to make the very difficult decision to cancel the 2013 Indianapolis Air Show,” said Robert Duncan, chairman of the show’s executive committee.

According to Duncan, other air shows around the nation have made the same decision, citing sequestration as the primary reason. Duncan said organizers will explore ways to “reinvigorate the show” in future years to produce “an event worthy of the shows presented over the last 16 years.”

Hundreds of volunteers donate their time and talents to make the annual event happen. Proceeds resulted in more than $1.3 million in donations to local groups.

“Our mission to produce an annual fundraising event that honors our military, provides a forum for military and civilian flight demonstrations and creates an environment for military recruitment was accomplished time and time again,” Duncan said.

Duncan thanked sponsors, businesses and fans for helping make the event a success.


  • Disappointed

    This is unfortunate. Our family has looked forward to attending the Air Show the last 5 years. At this point, I hope broad cuts are made to justify the decision to cancel this event.

  • MeatPlow

    An unfortunate start to saving taxpayers money, I love airshows. Get real Washington stuff like this doesn't even dent the deficit spending addiction. It just denies the public a positive experience with OUR hardware WE THE PEOPLE paid for.

    • Living in the USSR

      The blue angels are grounded … But Mrs. King Obama can fly herself and the kids over to Africa for a little 30 day safari … And our King can jump on air farce one for a little golf with tiger … Welcome to commie land … Thanks you liberal mental disorders…

      • scott

        I know pretty soon the obamas will have taken 1/3rd the vacations the bush family did! how dare they only cut travel by 66%?

      • Guest

        ..slobber..slobber…Bush…slobber..slobber…slobber.. Bush…slobber…slobber..slobber…slobber…slobber… Bush…slobber…slobber..

        No mental disorder here .. Nope …

      • Bob

        I agree, Im so sick of this liberal government.. I'm sick of obumer and his wife, I wish the people of this country would elect a president that has half a brain, at least some morals, can speak without a damn teleprompter, and at least a president that we he opens his mouth he has something with real meaning to say to the american people. Thank you low information voters and thank you liberals for properly screwing this country and all that it once stood for. Proud to be an American is long gone.

  • scott

    we managed air shows just fine during the cold war when the military budget was 40% lower (adjusted for inflation already, of course ) and employed far more. this is clearly to prove a point.

  • Putz

    They are canceling the show now, when we don't even know if there will be a sequestration? Couldn't they wait a few days and know for sure if there will be a sequestration. I am speaking from a position of knowing nothing about the financial strength of the air show, but might not be good. Sounds like they are looking for a reason to cancel it this year.

    Don't believe either party will allow it to happen, but sequestration would be the first (small) step toward giving our country a chance for long term survival.

  • Scott

    I assumed the organizers of air shows had to pay for military aircraft to appear at their events? No? Probably not the best use of military resources then, IMHO.

  • guest

    Attend Thunder Over Louisville in April, even with military cuts there will be plenty of civilian owned aircraft.

  • jacob

    fo to thunder over Louisville it April 30 5-6 hours of airshow then 45 mins of fireworks best in the country here a video of them

  • RichieSlammer

    Sequestration is not here yet and thats only part of the reason they cancelled, the rest of the reason is that God only knows what else is coming down the pike with the Odummer Administration and thats the scarey part. Our Country will never ever be the same again thanks to him and for those that voted for him, yes your worst is yet to come too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Duke of Hurl

        The Republican candidate would have made cuts that made sense like all the payback money going to B. Husein's campaign contributors.

      • MeatPlow

        2008 the total federal debt was short of $9.6 trillion. now it's at 16t. That’s a 60 percent increase in the federal debt in less than 4 years! Bush increases were 5.6t to 9.6t over 8 years. Factor in that his last 2 years in office the senate and house were controlled by democrats who actually write laws.
        SCOTT YOU ARE A COMPLETE IDIOT. Go blow your messiah. Bush was bad but nowhere near as bad as this COMPLETE tool.

      • Gat Monkey

        "60 percent increase"

        From the outside that sounds pretty bad. Let's break that down according to your numbers

        Bush Deficit $9.6trillion
        Obama Deficit to date $6.4trillion

        Total Deficit to date-$16trillion

        When people like you speak of the deficit, you amuse me. You're purposely don't state that a huge chunk of it was already here when OBH arrived in Washington.

        Folks like you probably were out spending those Bush era "stimulus checks." Remember those?

        More than likely people like you were listening to Toby Keith songs and slamming "liberals" when they said the war(s) would drag us down.

        More than likely, Obama will add another $4trillion to the deficit.

        Bottom line, both presidents suck when it comes to taking care of business.

        Rather than name calling and acting out like a child, it's time to get together, work together or fall together.

    • Gat Monkey

      "Answer to our Disfunctional President, Tar, Feathers and a Rail!"

      If you had your way, beyond tar and feathers(save some for Bush)what would have done/do to solve this problem?

      Please present real numbers and ideas if you please.

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