12-year-old “miracle” girl survives two near death incidents

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A Clayton, Ind. girl is lucky to be alive and walking after a fall on a trampoline that broke her neck.

Abbigayle Hinshaw, 12, returned home Monday, after spending a week at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. She is recovering from a serious neck injury that her family said could have killed her or left her paralyzed.

One week ago, Hinshaw was showing her friends some tricks on a trampoline. She attempted a flip, but she came down wrong.

“I didn’t go all the way and my head hit the top of the trampoline and my neck and my body went the opposite way and I heard a crack,” she remembered.

Dr. Daniel Fulkerson, a pediatric neurosurgeon at Riley Hospital for Children, worked on Hinshaw and said “her spine had twisted and locked out of place.”

Her saving grace, he said, miraculously her spine was still intact.

Hinshaw underwent six hours of surgery and doctors were able to realign the spine.

“We went from the back, drilled off some bone, got her back into place, then went from the front through her neck to reduce it further, place a bone graph, plate and screws to hold it together and go back to the back to put in more screws to hold it,” explained Dr. Fulkerson.

Now, Hinshaw is smiling and feeling a lot better. So is her dad, he said, because this isn’t her first major injury.

He told Fox 59, a few years ago, Abbigayle saved her little brother who was playing in a bath tub when a large mirror fell on him trapping him.

She rushed to remove the mirror before he drowned, but suffered deep cuts in the process.

“She doesn’t do anything simple. It’s gotta be the worst,” said her father Chad Hinshaw.

The pre-teen is expected to make a full recovery and there’s only one way she can explain it.

“I’m a miracle,” she said.


  • areyouserious2

    God is working and quits. This just proves it. So glad she will be completely healed and will be able to live a full life without the effects of this could of been tragedy.

  • Brooke

    My son is going through a similar surgery today at Riley. We were told about this little girl when we came in and that both our son and her had similar injuries and how lucky they both were to survive. Dr. Fulkerson will also be performing his surgery. Our son was hurt while wrestling. Thank God for watching over these two and keeping them safe. We didn't know about our son's injury for a week, so he had been walking around with a broke neck and not knowing it. My God bless both of these kids with a quick recovery!!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    I hope this wasn't at their home. If so I hope they notified their insurer of the trampoline otherwise they may be looking at some nasty ramifications from their home insurer.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        I'm not "worried" about the trampoline.

        I'm commenting that if this happened in the home and an attempt is made to put this on homeowner's insurance (and they did not notify their home insurer of the trampoline), then they're in for a world of hurt.

        I was very clear on this. Does this help you understand the point better?

        Furthermore, why parents get these maiming/injury factories and turn their children loose on them is beyond me.

      • Rebecca Hinshaw

        This injury could have happened on anything. While bike riding, horse back riding or even climbing a tree,, or as the gal above her son has the same injury wrestling. Short of putting your child in a bubble you have to be as safe as possible but let your children be children.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Yes. Yes they can.

        But as insurers have demonstrated, they happen far, far too often with trampolines.

        Let children be children but with a little common sense.

      • Loretta Hoffman

        My daughter has one also, we purchased it for her but waited until she was 12 for several reasons. Addeline read this and does this same trick many times, now she may not choose this but I will allow her to decide and I am very protective of what she does. I agree they are very dangerous, doctors tell us this often. How ever when someone has almost lost thier child the last thing they need is to hear BLAME, it could have happened to any of us, with anything. My daughter earned her black belt in TKD could have been injured there.

  • Marine57

    Abby, I sincerely hope that you are learning to refrain from doing things which you are not trained to do – it's DANGEROUS. Life itself is dangerous enough by itself, without adding to it with foolishness (such as showing off to your friends).

    • Rebecca Hinshaw

      I assure you she is trained to be a child and children play. Safety is important but fear of life is a life wasted.

  • Mandi

    She is a kid!! Accidents happen that is why they are called an ACCIDENT!!! I'm so glad that a couple of you keep your children in bubbles!

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