Brownsburg homeowners say no to plans for indoor shooting range

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Several Brownsburg residents raised questions and voiced their concerns, Wednesday, about the possibility of an indoor shooting range opening up near their homes.

Plans for a 100,000 square foot facility at 462 Southpoint Circle have not been filed yet with the Brownsburg Zoning Board, but the brain behind the range held an informational meeting for residents to gauge public opinion.

Joe Sellmer said he wanted to assure residents that he would put safety first. He said the facility would include 12 lanes for shooting and classrooms for training. He would not limit the caliber, but would limit the types of bullets shooters bring in.

While residents welcomed the business to Brownsburg, some didn’t want it near their homes.

Laree Blazer, President of the Austin Meadow’s Homeowners Association, said she has two major concerns.

“Safety, obviously that’s number one. Number two would be home values.”

Homeowner and mother of three Amber Matheney said the location makes her “uncomfortable.”

“I can actually see the facility from my kitchen window,” she said, fearing the accidents that could happen outside the facility if an untrained shooter makes a mistake. “I welcome the business to Brownsburg. I just don’t want it in my backyard.”

While gun sales and interest in gun training has increased since the Newtown school shooting and President Obama’s gun control plan, Sellmer said that’s not what motivated him to build a range. He said he has been working on the project for more than a year.

“There’s a ton of people out there that are getting permits to carry, but have never had them before, never owned a gun before, and they’re asking for training,” he said.

Sellmer said he would think about what was said at the meeting before deciding whether to file for the project or not. However, he said he didn’t hear any complaints that would cause him to not move forward. The project could be in front of the Brownsburg Board of Zoning Appeals as early as April.


  • stephenie

    Residents did NOT say "NO" according to your story. They are concerned about it's proximity to the neighborhood, that's all. One of them even said they welcome the range.Allof the BBurg residents I've talked to, which is probably a lot more than your reporter did, say they are okay with the range.

  • Tina

    Out of the gathering of people attending this meeting there were 3 homeowners who objected to the range. They just don't want to live by it. Everyone else was so excited and supportive of the business. Out of this group why do the negative homeowners make the news? How about all the positive comments and economic factors. Could we hear the positive feedback? Originally the range was to be opened in Avon (welcomed with open arms!) but, the building couldn't be purchased. Lets hear the people who are thrilled to have new businesses in the area.

  • RedState_Vet

    “I welcome the business to Brownsburg. I just don’t want it in my backyard.”

    As opposed to all the other businessmen that are already there? Get real, you live next to a commercial development. If this is allowed by zoning, you will have to deal with it.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Amen Vet!

      And the woman who said she was concerned about property values? lol…Really? If anything a major business can only push the sorry azz property values back UP!

      • Chris

        The individual who expressed concern regarding property values was merely sharing the concerns she received from residents whose backyards abut to the proposed development. Residents are excited about the potential shooting range and most were pleased with Mr. Sellmar's proposed safety measures.

  • richiey1


  • safety guy

    With all the new gun purchases that have just happened, I would want facilities to teach safety. I've owned and carried for a long time and was amazed at how much I still learned after taking a class.

  • Lara

    I attended the meeting last night and support the business after hearing the safety (non) issues. The neighbor that was concerned stated her children play in the parking lot! To me, you are much more likely to be run over in a parking lot than shot!

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      She lets her children play in a parking lot but scared of gunfire coming out of a protected building.

      She's not too bright I guess.

  • Justin Myers

    All I have to say is welcome to capitalism. I work in the building next door and this is a great way to educate and facilitate knowledge about firearms. What most of these neighbors forget to tell you is that this is "Nitro Alley" where most of the NHRA's teams are based. So in essence, I will have Top Fuel Dragsters, Sprint Cars, Indy Car Teams, A Diesel shop, Fatheadz Eyewear and an indoor gun range on the same street. Bring it on………

  • Fred

    Insanity! This neighborhood is on the edge of the warehouse/industrial district, so you should expect all types of businesses to move in. That area would be perfect for this type of operation. This will not affect property values any more than any other business in that area. I live in Brownsburg and would welcome this, as I am considering the purchase of a gun myself. It would be nice to have a place where my wife and I could practice so we are responsible gun owners.

    • John Browning

      Fred, If you are interested in purchasing a gun, please check out the Boone County Sheriff's training opportunities. He brings in world class training right to our backyard. He also offers a class himself (he is a Gunsite, Yavapai, and IN LEA instructor) that is VERY cheap. Its a 2 day "Introduction to defensive pistol" class. He offers coed and ladies only. $175 for the class.

      Check out the website….

      You WON'T regret it! If you haven't purchased a gun yet, email him first about the class and explain and he will likely provide you with some very good guidance and suggestions.

  • Brownsburg Homeowner

    As a resident of Brownsburg for nearly 40 years all I can say is YES!!! Not at all surprised that the local media excludes any positive support for this type of venture they are just falling in line with the liberal MSM agenda.

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