Former Muncie Boy Scout sues organization for alleged sexual abuse

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An Indiana-native is now suing the Boy Scouts of America for alleged sexual abuse.

Thomas Abner claims he was molested on a field trip in 1999, when he was 11 years old.

Abner was in a troop from Muncie, Ind., but now lives in Arizona.

He claims the scoutmaster abused him four or five times.

He says the scouts knew the scoutmaster had a problem but never warned him or his family.

That scoutmaster has since died.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Very convenient the scout master died.

    But let's assume the guy is telling the truth. Now people want MORE gays in and around boys?


  • Jeff

    ClanSmoke, just because someone is gay doesn't mean they're also a child molester. Scouting should be open and available to anyone, not just straight people, and not just those who believe in God. That's why I'm glad that I found the Baden-Powell Service Association, an alternative scouting program that is not only inclusive, but also co-ed. It's the way scouting was supposed to be… and is based on scouting's original aims and practices as laid down by Robert Baden-Powell in 1907. Traditional Scouting… for Everyone! To find out more, please visit BPSA-US dot org.

  • Rev T J Carter

    Why didn't he go to the Police if he didn't get satisfaction from the Scouts. That should have been his parents responsibility. As Sherlock Holmes would say…something is afoot here Watson. Is this man's testimony true or is he just trying to get compensation from the Scouts ? If I was on the jury a lot of questions would have to be answered.

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