Indiana listed as one of the most depressing states

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If you have been feeling down lately, it turns out you are not alone.

A new study found Indiana is one of the most depressing states in the country.

Health Magazine ranked the top 10 most depressing states and Indiana made the list, which is in alphabetical order.

Researchers said part of the problem in the Hoosier state is because budget cuts that have forced community health centers to close.


  • Local Citizen

    I've got an awesome job with nice people. When I am feeling depressed, I go on vacation. If you really hate living here then move. Not that hard.

  • Bre

    Maybe it is due to the economic state of the major investments into real property that is being sold out to foreign windmill squatters that take over 40% of the land value…..Also…being forced to provide personal info to even post my comment…sounds like facebook

  • Jamie

    I truly believe this cause I am from “new york” I been living in Indiana 6 yrs now and I have never been so depressed!! and its very boring state ever!! no one ever wants to do anything, or they have no motivation to do nothing, all you do is work that it.

  • Ernest

    Republican controlled Government in Indiana. They will gut as much $$ to social services and healthcare as they can. I used to live in Minnesota and this state is a backward joke compared to them. Better healthcare, better schools, more highly educated population. Moving back as soon as I can.. More importantly, I'm leaving Indiana.

  • Ryan

    I think the main reason we rank so high is because of the weather. It's cloudy and cold allthe time in winter. I don't think it's the economy, Indiana has one of the only bank account that's in the positive. New stuff is being bult and more jobs are coming to this state. It does get depressing for sure especially jan and feb months. I own a construction company that started in 2008 and I'm growing bigger each year. Everyone keep there heads high!!!

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