Indiana reverses decision to suspend federal unemployment benefits

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Indiana has reversed a controversial decision that would have affected tens of thousands of families.

Early Wednesday afternoon, the state announced more than 30,000 unemployed Hoosiers wouldn’t receive an extension of the federal unemployment benefits as a result of the impending sequester.

After much backlash, the state requested additional guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor. The Department said unemployment benefits will not be impacted by sequestration through March 9. Additional guidance is expected to be released in the coming week.

A budget impasse is expected to lead to the so-called sequestration after March 1, 2013. The impending sequestration will result in across-the-board cuts.


    • Crystal

      You don't know the circumstances in which people became unemployed. You don't know how many job interviews and how much time people have spent looking for a job. BE CAREFUL or you could be needing unemployment, then maybe you will see that sometime hardworking people end up in situations in which they need help.

    • John

      Hey Jim, i'm 52 and have NEVER been let go from a job before in my life until Obama came along and since then, twice i've been let go due to the company i'm working for losing money.

      I don't wish what i'm going through on ANYBODY.

    • Unemployed

      Nice comment, Jim. I am 63 years old and NEVER before in my life have I had to stoop to accepting unemployment benefits. My company closed down our Indiana operations in 2012 which means me, my co-workers, and even our boss were all laid off. Obviously, that is not something that I wished to happen. Now, I can't even get anyone to grant me a lousy job interview (probably because of my age) and so I have to rely on unemployment which I just happened to have paid into for the previous 46 years through my taxes. So excuse me for living. And you tell me to get a job? You are obviously as compassionate as you are intelligent.

  • Unemployed Demented

    Will the State of Indiana ever pay back the $1.8 BILLION dollars that was borrowed from the Feds to pay the unemployment benefits monies that the state did not have? Who thought this plan out when all the other 49 states knew it was illegal to cut off these benefits?

  • Angela

    I lost my job last year because of an Injury that resulted in surgery on my wrist. I was originally told I could be on med leave and would be paid Workers Comp while I was under a doctors care.I worked as a care giver in a group home for people with special needs. One month after my injury, I was notified via letter that I was being terminated. I contacted my case manager at Workers Comp and was advised to apply for unemployment after the workers comp ran out. I just recently started my unemployment and am now finding out that I may not be getting it any longer because.

  • Sally

    Be careful JIM telling people get a JOB. It is by Gods mercy you are not in the line. It can happen to you. YOU NEVER know what people been through. Those in line probably have worked longer and harder than you ever have . Watch what you say.

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