Police bust huge marijuana growing operation worth up to $150,000

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JENNINGS COUNTY – A marijuana bust netted thousands of dollars in cash plus guns, body armor, growing equipment and more than a hundred marijuana plants.

Three people face drug charges after officers from the Jennings County Sheriff’s Office raided the homes this week.

Officers arrived on Monday at a home on County Road 150 South just east of State Road 7. They arrested Toby B. Marsh, 30, and Abigail J. Robinson, 37, on several charges including possession of marijuana and neglect of a dependent. Officers called Child Protective Services to the home because there were children inside the house.

They recovered a vehicle, growing equipment and 30 marijuana plants.

During a second raid, officers served search warrants on two different homes on County Road 600 E near County Road 400 South. At one home, they arrested 61-year-old Randall Robinson. Investigators discovered a marijuana growing operation at an abandoned home about 200 yards away from the other residence.

At the abandoned home, officers encountered a metal door that was used to protect the plants. Metal grates also covered the inside of the windows to keep anyone from seeing inside. Officers said the door and window grates weren’t visible from outside the home.


Investigators said a metal door protected the operation.

Once officers got through the door, they found 78 marijuana plants in various stages of growth. Upstairs, investigators discovered a room where the plants could dry out. Officers also seized 41 guns, a ballistic vest and $76,455 in cash.

Police said the plants seized would have a street value between about $100,000 and $150,000.

Officers also recovered growing equipment, lights, manuals, scales ventilation systems, humidity gauges, time systems, fertilizer and other materials used to grow marijuana.

Toby Marsh Abigail Robinson Randy Robinson

Toby Marsh, Abigail Robinson, and Randall Robinson

Toby B. Marsh and Abigail Robinson are charged with:

  • Possession of marijuana (Class D Felony)
  • Maintaining a common nuisance (Class D Felony)
  • Neglect of a dependent child (Class D Felony)

Randall R. Robinson is charged with:

  • Possession of marijuana (Class D Felony)
  • Maintaining a common nuisance (Class D Felony)


  • Brian

    What a waste of time and taxpayers money. They should be going after Meth labs and cocaine and herion dealers. Thats the problem with the drug abuse situation in this country. I want 1 person out there in the world to give me a medical reason why weed is illegal. It's harmless and has NEVER hurt anyone, EVER. minus legal ramafications due to unsubstantiated laws that were created for no reason. If the government cared about us as people, then why is tobacco legal?



  • Smokey McPot

    a bunch of crap! they prob refused to pay protection $$ so they got popped. I heard for every grow house they bust, 10 more pop up. But the time, money and resources wasted on this piddly set up, hardly worth it! And i agree Brian, they make a killing off taxes on tobacco and alcohol, then you have all the money made from complication from those. Either being sick from smoking or busted for being drunk, so they make money off the crap 2 ways. Thing about Pot people usually arent violent or causing trouble to get arrested, so they lose out on weed. Its safer than tobacco, alcohol, even safer than aspirin or tylenol

  • christine johnson

    i grew a plant bigger than me when i was 16 and can make wine, now i have a harder time avoiding that drink than smoke but i can get a job while drinking. give me smoke anyday

  • Guest

    Why don't these losers get a job and be productive members of society. It is ILLEGAL….whether you think it should or shoudn't be doesn't matter…it is illegal. I'm shocked that no one sees a problem with this especially when there were children in the house. Way to be a positive role model. The sad thing is these kids will grow up to be losers just like the parents.

    • this one

      they were a productive member of society. too bad you are such a loser and never seen that much money in a lifetime. and your kids will grow up loser just like yourself

    • Erin Biehl

      hey do you personally know them/ no you don't so do not be a jugemental prick, and the only reason pot is illegal is because Anslinger had forests and he didn't want to loose all that money from harvesting trees since 1 acre of hemp/cannabis is equal to 4 acres of trees. That and he was a racist asshole who convinced peole that pot made the "darkies" think they are as good as the whites so in retrospect anyone who is against pot due to legalness is a racist

    • guest

      Drinking and driving is illegal too,but you still see every walk of life type person doing it. You really need to read up on this so called harmfull plant.then you may change your mind.All these states that are makeing it legal must see through the lies our gov. pushed done our throats for decades.

    • guest

      you guys are all terrible people ….. how is this any of your jobs to sterotype all these folks? "losers like the parents"? how dare you talk about a baby like that. you sickning people……

  • TINA


  • guest

    sorry tina u r very wrong u need to do ur research thc does not stick to the heart im sorry about your husband but maybe he should have stayed away from the cheeseburgers

  • Guest

    Wow. I feel like everyone has stepped away from the main point of this. Number one, weed is illegal in Indiana. Number two, there was a child involved here. Weed decreases the blood flow in your brain which slows your reaction time down. It slows the growth of brain cells which is obvious from all of you on here supporting this.

    • Guest

      Guest, according to recent research from the University of Saskatchewa shows activation of the CB-1 receptors, when cannabis is introduced, causes neurogenesis in the hippocampal region of the brain. In other words; new healthy cell growth. Your hippocampal region is used for memory and learning processes; and stress and mood disorder development. It does slow reaction time in those who use it on occasion. Chronic users showed no impairment.

    • Bob

      Brain sells don't regrow. Moron.. Also alcohol slows down reaction time so I have no idea what point you were trying to make.

  • 'Thor'

    A bunch of babies crying…….wait a minute…..a baby died not long ago in Carmel by two ladies smoking pot. Harmless BS

  • christine johnson

    i grew up out on a mis sized farm. grew a garden and canned for the next year and had a wonder of a rose garden.( and grew the other)but now i live in a city to where seeing a humming bird caused me to tx all my bff s please let me have the days back to run thru the fields barefoot. mostly allow me to make extra $$ from what i can do for myself and not relay on the state. as of this moment i am not but that can change tomarrow

  • Bill Levin

    They should let em go. This is ridiculous.. in other states they could be incorporated and would be paying taxes on it. And if THAT is their BIG grow op.. I surely do not see the 100,000 worth of anything. lol making the numbers look good for their reports… haaaaaaaaaaa , well its all part of the game. I wish em the best of Luck. JOIN, INDIANA NORML … Cannabis is Indiana's Largest traded UN TAXED commodity. We need that to be fixed. We consume over 25 tonne of product each week here in our fair state. CANNABIS: GOOD for our PEOPLE, GOOD for our STATE.

    • 'Thor'

      Bill, you really make an excellent point. Now, how much do we tax tobacco at the various levels and how much is that from manufacture to purchase? There are a lot of tax levels on how they work out. For example; cigarettes in NY costs more than twice as much as they do here. How about this on the weed front.

      It will be cheaper to buy it on the black market. Seriously, do you think the drug cartels will just give up and go home. Hello, hello, anybody home, hello.

  • Darrell Morgan

    they are just doing there job but i wish the police would do there job and arrest the crack dealers who we see every day in our hoods over and over year after year

  • kristin

    these people are my friends. They would never endanger any of their kids. They are great parents. They only got in trouble because their oldest son got pissed off at them and went to the police station and told on them. Yes it is illegal but the plants in these pictures weren't even in abbys house. So before you judge them learn all of the story.

    • Guest

      Kristin you are just mad because now your supply is cut off. get over it THEY BROKE THE LAW. they endangered their children. umm hello any drug deal could have went bad resulting in killing their kids or them or both. I would consider that endangering their children. I am glad they got caught. I could careless if they are your friends cousins sister mom aunt or who ever else. their kids are lucky and probably better off. if they were such GREAT parents they would not have been growing pot in their house. now that you have to find a new dealer you are pissed. boo hoo…. I hope they rot as they should, anyone that does any illegal drug should.

      • guest

        wow it sounds like you need to find a way to be happy in your life! God so they should rot because of a drug that doesnt kill people and is legal in other states. Man you need to get a life! Also, the news only tells you what they want you to know! Man do half of you people still believe in santa clause because you obviously cant think for

      • none ya

        Maybe they should move to one of those states that it IS legal in then …hmmmmmm? or maybe since your comment came to an abrupt halt you were going to suggest that as well?

  • Angela

    IT is still illegal. Doesn't matter if they are "good" parents or not. "good" parents wouldn't have risked there children's safety, well being, or home. And for those that are not from Jennings county complaining about busting meth and so on……….there has been more meth olabs than I can count busted.

  • jenny

    HOW ABOUT BUSTING PEOPLE FOR SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY HARMS PEOPLE,like oh i dont know,meth,cocaine,killing people,molesting children,drunk driving! weed is natural,it comes from the earth,there is no side affects except maybe having the muchies,i have never heard a story of people getting high and killing people,it is a waste of taxpayers money and all though i am not a smoker i have friends that do and are the calmest,most peaceful people ever! get a life!

  • Ronald Raegan

    This article is disgusting. The headline should be "state kidnaps child" what is the worse crime here? $150,000 is a gross exaggeration. if they had over ten pounds of pot they would have been charged with C felonys. There is ABSOLUTELY no possibility that they had even $30,000 worth of pot.

  • 'Thor'

    They lost 41 guns and over $76,000 cash, that's almost $100,000 total right there that they gave away for breaking the law. "Harmless" weed. BS

  • Jerry

    Any one who thinks they can do shit like this for any length of time these days has shit for brains.I dont give a fuck who you are,you are stupid.

  • guest

    The penalty for the offense of possession of marijuana is more damaging to the person than the actual drug is. Yes of course it is illegal, but when people get greedy that is when things like this happen. This was a snitch job. A young snitch. Sloppy trade practice got this crew busted. I agree with many of the posters. Legalize the plant, it isnt already legal people so dont get it confused. Good to see the debate, get sensible and legalize cannabis!

  • Brian

    The baby didnt die from weed. Was the baby smoking a joint?I don't think so. How many kids die due to drunk drivers and abusive alcoholic parents? Fact is, some people dont need to have kids because they arent responsible enough to handle it. Maybe the women were drinking coffee that morning which cause them to have increased anxiety and when she went outside to get air. The baby smoked a joint and died. I blame the coffee

  • Anon

    There is no sense in this. The only crimes here were neglect of dependent and unregistered firearms, nothing more.

    • 'Thor'

      Guns are NOT registered in the state of Indiana as well as most other states. Drugs make you stupid.

  • jon

    Marijuana is bad for you it is sticky and it sticks to you fingers, and that just sucks. OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT

  • bernard d.

    Abby is my cousin. She's 32, not 37. She is a sociopath and she has always been involved in illegal activities. Their whole family fights all the time. Combined there are 3 sisters, 10 kids and 7 fathers. So much drama among all of them. yuck new boyfriend, new baby thats how they roll i guess

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