Snow in Central Indiana falls short

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Salt trucks in Marion County and Central Indiana hit the road early Wednesday evening as the ground temperature finally hit the freezing mark.

Indy Snow Force had 90 drivers show up Wednesday morning and the Indiana Department of Transportation had some extra drivers work a little longer Wednesday evening, but they all played the waiting game until the temperatures dropped.

The snow began to fall early in the afternoon, but in many areas the snow wasn’t sticking and only made roads wet.

Indy Snow Force doesn’t believe this snow will affect many people’s Thursday morning commute.

“It’s not expected to affect the morning commute especially if we have our drivers on, we’ll be able to take care of the conditions.”

Indy Snow Force SAID 36 drivers will check in at 11 p.m. to monitor the roads and bridges, since they typically freeze first.

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  • 'Thor'

    Three "storms" in the last week and a half and here they amounted to zip. The weather people are about as accurate as Obama. LOL

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