State reverses decision on unemployment benefits as sequestration looms

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The state of Indiana has reversed a decision that would have suspended federal unemployment benefits for more than 30,000 Hoosiers.

Despite confusion over the impacts of sequestration, the Indiana Department of Workforce development consulted with the U.S. Department of Labor late Wednesday to reinstate the extended benefits.

Earlier in the week, Jim Snider, and thousands of other Hoosiers receiving extended unemployment benefits, received a notice that said their benefits would be suspended beginning on Saturday, March 2.

“That’s rather scary when that’s the primary means of support right now for my family and I while I look for another job,” Snider said.

Snider has kids and a wife in need of surgery in the coming weeks, but for the past year he hasn’t been able to find a job.

“I put in several resumes on a weekly basis,” Snider said. “I’m out there every day pounding the streets, making connections.”

A spokesman with the Department of Workforce Development told Fox59 that the state originally made the decision to suspend benefits because they didn’t want to make that burden greater for the unemployed if the sequestration cuts went into effect.

“The reason why that’s such a big issue for unemployed folks is if we pay them too much we have to, by federal law, get that money back from them,” said Spokesman Joe Frank.

Shortly after Frank’s interview with Fox59, the commissioner of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development released a statement saying they had reversed their decision.

“Late this afternoon the U.S. Department of Labor confirmed that unemployment benefits will not be impacted by sequestration through the week ending March 9, and additional guidance will be forthcoming,” Commissioner Scott Sanders said in the statement. “As such, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development will proceed with full payment of extended unemployment compensation until further notice.”

“It’s a short-term relief but there’s still some long-term concerns there,” Snider said.

Snider says he’ll work hard to make sure he finds a job before the next deadline looms. He simply hopes they do the same in Washington.

“I would like to have more confidence in our government officials, but it seems to me, at every turn our congressmen and the folks that we elected in Washington can’t put party politics aside and it’s us the taxpayers and the voters left to suffer,” Snider said.

The Department of Workforce Development will learn more about the potential long term impacts of the sequestration during a conference call on Friday with the Department of Labor.


  • Trace denney

    The people who work for the government should have to try to live in the real world fo awhile. Maybe they should take a pay cut before all these people lose the small amount of money they get!! We pay into the program and be able to draw off of it! It's all GREED!

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      I agree. Most government works are lazy as hell and are simply being given a job.

      I'll never forget the time I spent in DFAS during the early 90s. The things I saw and the people I met.

      • Maximjack

        Word on that. I see civilian companies ripping off the dept of defense every day, by the millions and these jokers want to typecast the whole government as lazy arse? We have have the worldest most powerful and responsive Navy in the world for a reason. Ask the the sailors if they'll miss their civilian counterparts.

  • USA

    You lazy pos people. I have a job, but I would bet my job I could get another in under 3 days. Everybody is hiring but why would u want to work when Obama will just give u more money.

  • MeatPlow

    Gut the government, that's where any of these minor cuts to the increased budget should be made. The fact that they are using scare tactics to support a position of uncontrolled spending is proof that they work for themselves and not the people. The gullible sheep watching the liberal media are the ones foolishly supporting those intent on the financial destruction of this great country. Wake Up.

  • Are u serious?

    Couldn't find any job in a year?! My son is a full time college student and works 2 jobs!! Hard working people get up everyday and pay taxes so ppl like you don't have to work at all. Gone are the days of having pride in supporting your family. I personally happen to know this family's story is crap. They've been on the news on several occasions, nothing but con artist….

    • Price

      I’m so disappointed to see this family and their story had wasted time on your news channel. Does 59 news even look into these stories? My husband has supported myself and our two children and been offered four jobs in the last year, yet this man can’t get any?? Also, I’d like to point out my husband only has a high school diploma. But he is able bodied and willing to work hard. Maybe unemployment is simply paying this family too well if they haven’t accepted a job in a YEAR! Oh please!!

  • bren60

    I agree with you. That family is diffently a con artist at work. If the government would cut there spending on people like them, the free cell and welfare in general on people that do not deserve it maybe it might be a better country.

  • Jennifer

    It is really easy for people to call others lazy, etc….but unless you have been a particular person, you do not have a right to judge. I have a job, and am having difficulties finding FULL time work. I hope that you folks that can point your fingers and call others lazy etc, NEVER find yourselves in a position where you are out of a job and are lacking the education to obtain another high paying job.

    • Are u serious?

      We personally know these ppl and they have been at this for years. They play on ppls emotions, politics, government programs, news channels. They are in fact "professionals con artists"

      • Jennifer

        DID YOU EVEN READ WHAT I POSTED? I was talking in general!!!!!!! I have been looking for a FULL time position for OVER a year, and have not been able to obtain one, want the reasons? Or would you just rather point another finger and call me lazy and have no idea who I am or what my situation is?

  • Are u serious?

    Its actually laughable that you would call someone else a liar haha. You and your wife lie so much that you actually even believe what you are saying is true…pathological at best. "Don't live on handouts" My question then is, what do you do with all the handouts that you get from playing on ppls emotions? And what church do you go to? the one where you get the most freebies and where the congregation doesn't know your truth about you and your wife. You can talk good and make yourself look like a giving, outstanding community members but you have left out a few details about you and your wife. Wish the news had done a bit of background work on both of you lol.

    • Jennifer

      I have to say to Are you serious…….you just made yourself look like a reall loser with that statement. you might have had some plausibility if you had actually taken the time to use your name, or at least answered some of that gentelmens questions that were posed to you. Instead, you bash and make yourself look ignorant, and pathetic. I wouldn't listen to a word you said after that.

    • JimSnider1071

      Let's hear some of those details then big shot. As I said, I have worked in emergency services most of my adult life. I left the PD only after having to threaten to file a tort claim against the city when the Chief of Police and the Mayor's brother came in my house while I was at the doctor (without my wife's permission) and interrogated her as to my medical condition. When you bite the hand that feeds you, it's time to leave but I tried to stick it out. I was given the choice to quit or be fired. I had an impeccable record there so I told them they would have to fire me.

      Then, I went to work for a contractor with the federal government. I worked there around 7 1/2 years without a single disciplinary action. In fact, I was recognized several times for my work ethic and going "above and beyond" to do an outstanding job. I worked a minimum of 45 – 50 hours per week and went to school at night most of the last two years I was there. As a result, I think I am entitled to the unemployment that I am receiving while trying to find another full-time job. If you don't, too bad.

      As Jennifer pointed out, you didn't answer a single one of my questions. Instead you just acted like you know us and continued to run your mouth. You talk boldly about the truth, but you can't produce any. Here is the truth, this week (like every other week since losing my job) I have been out looking for work. For example, yesterday I put in two applications and made contact with two people who can help me fine tune my resume and possibly make some connections for me. Today I put in three job applications and followed up on some earlier applications. Earlier this week I submitted the Substitute Teacher Permit I filed for weeks ago, and took it to the school district in hopes that I could be placed on the sub teacher list while I am looking for full-time work. Not once did I, or my wife, play on someone's emotions. We did not lie to anyone in an attempt to get "freebies" from them or try to mislead anyone in hopes of getting a hand out. You talk about leaving out details of our life, let's have them. Tell me what we've left out that the world needs to know about. Show me who we swindled, robbed, cheated, or otherwise took advantage of. Let's have it big guy, what did we do that is so heinous we're hiding it and trying to put on a good face? What big secrets did Fox 59 miss by not doing a background check on us?

      I asked you to tell me the name of the church I go to. You said "And what church to you go to? the one where you get the most freebies . . ." Notice, you didn't tell us the name of the church. I asked you to tell me my wife's name and you said just kept referring to her as my wife. Again, it seems you can't tell me one basic thing about my wife and I, and just like to run off at the mouth and try to look smart. Now I guess you'll be going to Facebook and get some answers to try and bolster your pathetic claims, but I think my point is well proven. In my original response I told everything that my wife and I have been involved in when it comes to needing public assistance and being on TV, but you claim there's more. Give it to us.

      Like I said before, I could probably sit here and tell you quite a bit about yourself, but I'm trying not to judge people. Instead, I'll invite you again to give us one honest, verifiable, truthful piece of evidence that proves my wife and I are in fact the con artists that you have claimed several times we are. PLEASE, show us what we have done that is so low we are trying to hide it. To be very clear here Are u serious, I'm telling you to either put up or shut up. The next statement you make against my family and I had better be backed by verifiable and legitimate proof because, if not, I will find the time and resources to file a huge libel suit against you. You think you're safe hiding behind generic profiles, but I do know people who can find out your true identity and then I'll make that call to the attorney (even out of work and drawing unemployment I have a friend who is an attorney and will gladly take the case for me) to ensure you quit spreading your trash and lies.

  • JimSnider1071

    For anyone that cares about the truth, I think in my two responses here I have satisfied anyone who is remotely curious about who we are and what we're about. I have shared more than enough personal information, far more than most would especially in this day and age. We are not private people, we don't hide behind alter egos and swindle people. What my family and I are trying to do is survive during a time of unemployment and when they talk about taking that away I turned to the media to draw attention to it for me and the 30,000+ other Hoosiers on extended benefits. My wife can't work. She has three medical conditions and is facing a lengthy surgery. We have always lived off of my income (not off of welfare or playing on people's emotions) in doing so. If any of you have tried to raise a family on a single income you can attest to how hard that is. Heck, it's hard to raise a family in this world on two incomes. I make no apologies for being on unemployment. Do I like it? No, in fact, it's embarrassing. As a husband and father it is my job, not anyone else's, to support my family, but until I can get a job, that is the breaks. Please don't mistake what I am saying, I'm not trying to play on anyone's emotions. I don't want anything from anyone on here or anywhere else for that matter. I am just trying to be as open and honest as I know how. Perhaps, maybe through me saying this, it can help someone else who is dealing with some of the same problems I am.

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