State suspends federal unemployment benefits because of impending cuts

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Due to the threat of federal spending cuts, state officials confirmed Wednesday that they would suspend certain federal unemployment benefits.

According to the Department of Workforce Development, the cuts affect payments of federally extended unemployment insurance benefits. The department referred to the change as “temporary.” It goes into effect on Saturday, March 2.

Federally Extended Unemployment goes to people after they’ve received 26 weeks of unemployment benefits.  The state covers the first 26 weeks of unemployment. The state said vouchers between Feb. 24 and Feb. 28 will be the last ones people will receive for federal benefits. After that, there will no additional vouchers “until further notice.” The change affects about 32,000 Hoosiers.

Extended unemployment was supposed to last through the end of this year. However, sequestration will force an early end to the benefits because the program is part of deep federal cuts.

The department said it’s awaiting further instructions from the federal government on what to do next.

For more information, the Department of Workforce Development has an FAQ on its website.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Oh no!

    After 2+ years of not working, people will have to go find work…any work.

    Oh I do declare, I'm gonna faint over this news.


  • someone

    after 6 months of looking you should be able to find a job… i know it might be too low class for some but… mcdonalds and taco ball are usually hiring!! if high school kids can get a job grown adults should have no problem! its just that most of the people on it know how long they can get it for so they dont even try!

    • teresa

      I was laid off after 7 1/2 yrs from a good paying job while fighting breast cancer.. sorry – been looking- but how do you tell a new employer – I have to have off a bunch of time to go to the cancer center? It's taken me 6 months to be able to feel like a can get a new job. I need that extra unemployment for a little while longer,…..

      WISH ME LUCK!!!!!

      • someone

        having a medical reason is completely different than just sitting on ur a$$ and collecting just because you can! wishing you all the luck in the world that you get better and find work!

  • guest

    When I was getting unemployment, which has been over a decade ago, I had to show proof that I was applying for work, getting interviews, etc. Do they still require this?

      • shari

        you do not have to show actual proof, you just have to type 3 searches into the computer, and I do not now nor have I collected unemployment.

      • OMEOMY

        Well good for you. Just remember this Shari, life is subject to change at any given moment. Most people do not want to collect UE. However, sometimes when you loose a job for whatever reason it's there for you. I lost a very good job earning (and please note that I didn't say making)…$25+ per hour about 14 months ago and I am having a hard time to find a job in part due to my age. Can't prove it and it's not like any of my numerous interviews that I've had that the interviewer is going to tell me I'm too old. Wish they would so I could sue for age discrimination which happens every darn day. I'm going on 57 and I am going BACK to school so that I can compete with hundreds of thousands that are out of work in this state who are looking like me. By the way, I worked for a GIANT FOOD CO that even a BIGGER FOOD CO bought out and turned around and shut-down the facility I worked in. I've been in the food & beverage industry for about 30 years only because I figured it was a safe place to work without the threat of any lay-offs, because people have to eat. Right? I never was laid-off just thrown under the bus. What's a guy to do? So you see, it CAN happen to anyone of us at any given time. I want to learn a skill that no one can ever take away from me again. GOOD-LUCK to all of you folks looking for work and to those of you losing your UE. GOD BLESS

      • shari

        I do not have an issue at all with people who need unemployment my issue is with those who do not look for work, and continue to collect while not really looking for work. If you have collected it, you know that no one makes sure that you are really looking for work.

      • cjmo2662

        People who just enter any information into the computer to claim they tried to find jobs need to keep in mind- they do check with places that a person claims to have contacted, & if somebody says they put in an app & they didn't, they have to pay back what they collected. The audits are random & it happened to a friend of mine. The state says she owes them over $1700, which is a lot when you aren't working.

  • local citizen

    Sending in applications online is not job searching…I found a job in 3 days because I got up every morning and searched the whole day going and talking to managers at countless stores. People can find work, but why work and get paid less when you can collect unemployment from your previous job that pays more? The government gives no incentive to go look for a job. Take away unemployment benefits and I bet those people get off the couch and look. Unemployment rates would dramatically decrease. People who are incapable of working because of a physical or mental illness are a different story, but I don't want to work hard and pay taxes so these people can get paid to watch pawn stars on the history channel all day.

  • CJr

    This is unfortunate for those who really need the extensions, but is a nice wake up call for those that were just riding the free money train. As one that was on unemployment during the worst part of the recession I know that you can still get a job rather than being on unemployment. I found a


    stop think small and think about the big picture. how the millitary ppl coming home and cant get a job when they just defended our country …lol…smh

  • 'Thor'

    26 weeks is the law, but people on the government teat that strected it out to two years+ (Feds doing). It is time to be weaned already.

    BTW, a proposal was made to the "actor in chief" for agencies to cut (not really a cut, just a slowing of growth) in areas of waste and Obama said NO. This was Obama's idea to start with in 2011.

  • Guest

    At least these people have actually worked somewhere and have earned some benefits. What about cutting benefits for the people who have never held a job but are collecting SSI, Food Stamps, medicaid, Wick, government phones and are a huge drain on police and fire services and continue to pop put one kid after the other? Our military has already taken to many hits from this administration.

  • Bev

    99 weeks of unemployment is bull shit, my company closed and moved to Chicago to a 3PL. I had a job secured before my official last day. If you want to work there is work available, if you want to sit on your ass and do nothing with your hand out Obama can make that happen as well. It's a matter of work ethic either you have it or you don't. Most if not all of the people on some sort of government aid are products of their environment, there parents sat on their asses and waited for the check to arrive on the 1st of the month, now their off spring are doing the same thing. The buck has to stop someplace, if it doesn't our grandchildren's children will be trying to pay off the debt. 16 trillion dollars people wake up. This did not happen overnight, and it won't be fixed over night. First thing that should happen is to drug test every person on any type of government aid, you must showed 2 pieces of valid identification to use the EBIT card one being a picture ID these 2 things will put a stop to most of the fraud going on within the system. I can't wait to see these fat ass lazy 5 baby daddy's, or 5 babies with 5 different females go to work.

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