Westfield Washington students taking a stand against bullying

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Students who attend Westfield Washington Schools are taking a stand to peacefully end bullying.

Sydney Green, 11, is in 6th grade at Westfield Intermediate School. She was bullied at another school. Because of what happened to her, she asked her mother to put together an anti-bullying photo shoot. Her mother, Stacy Green, is a photographer.

“I didn’t want all of these other kids to be treated the way I had,” Green said.

Seven students within Westfield Washington Schools participated in the photo shoot.

“We were all happy to raise awareness of bullying,” Green said.

Stacy Green also videotaped a 30 second public service announcement inside the school with the students.

“I hope that kids can look at other kids their age in their community and see that there are people standing up for themselves and for other kids,” Stacy Green said.

Stacy Green said it bothered her when her daughter was bullied.

“It certainly impacted my child in a way that was larger to her,” Stacy Green said.

She is proud her daughter wanted to participate in an anti-bullying campaign.

“We don’t live in a perfect world, but I think we could get rid of bullying,” Green said.

Stacy Green contacted her daughter’s principal about the pictures and video. Principal Robb Hedges said he will incorporate those images into their Westfield Intermediate Ideals Rock Program. The program helps students build relationships and talk about issues like bullying in their classrooms.

At the front of the school, there is a large banner about the program. It states, “We will not bully others. We will help students who are bullied. We will include students who are being left out. If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will immediately tell an adult.”

“It’s the culture. It’s what you are trying to create where students are just comfortable, you know, expressing what they’re thoughts are,” Hedges said.

The students said the program helps them and they wanted to add their words to the message.

“We’re hoping that it shows kids that there are other kids who understand,” Stacy Green said.

Green hopes their anti-bullying campaign will encourage other students to peacefully fight bullying.

“It can end if we all stand together,” Green said.