“WINTER” will not let go, more snow in the forecast and a early week storm to watch

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The powerful storm that swept the Southern Plains and the Midwest has stalled over Indiana and Ohio late Wednesday.  A secondary low pressure has been absorbed by the now closed low and brought an increase to the coverage and intensity of snow showers late Wednesday evening.  occasional snow showers will rotate around the low pressure through Friday morning.  Snowfall will at times look impressive under any snow shower but these will be brief.  A quick coating to up to 1″ of snow is possible if your underneath the right snow shower.  most locations will see only a coating.


The final day of winter has arrived!  Well sort of – at least for record keeping purposes.  The months of December, January and February are the “winter” months or known as Meteorological Winter.  The actual astrological start isn’t until March 20th.

Winter 2012-2013 has been mild until recently.  Since December 1st 58 of the days have been above normal.  Most came in December when 25 of the 31 days were warm.  Snowfall came heavy late in the month as well with 14″ down by months end.  The snow has shut down over the past 8 weeks – only 4.8″ has fallen since January 1st or only one-third the normal.  (The normal is 14.9″).  Total snowfall for the season as of late Wednesday night is 19.8″.

Seasonal Temps


The pattern has turned cold and looks to remain rather cool for the next few weeks.  Cold weather indicators have gone negative and suggest that a blocking patter has/will develop over the North Atlantic.  This atmospheric set up portends colder air for the eastern U.S. and looks to remain intact through mid March.  Temperatures are expected to average below normal 8 to 15° off the normal high which is now 45° and increased to 49° by March 15th.


The lack of snow and the nearness of it from the past 3 storms has the snow lovers pining for one more “decent” snow before the season ends.  There is hope if you are in this camp.  The series of storms that started 2 weeks ago this Monday will once again deliver another storm early next week.  This will be the 3 Monday/Tuesday storm over the past 16 days.  The new system is forecast to merge two low pressure systems over the central U.S. Monday night.  Storm track and location are key for measurable snow here.  Current projections off 5 various long-range models has the storm center from Dubuque, IA to as far south as Memphis, TN.  We will follow this through the weekend and of course have updates.



  • shannon

    i I would love one big snow storm before the winter ends , i live in Covington , in Fountain County and we have not gotten the accumulations that you have had out of the past storms, my 9 year old and i want to go sledding lol. So hope the storms dump some major snow our way!!!!

  • sherrie prosch

    Snow wise, this winter has been very disappointing. And that thing they called a blizzard around Christmas was …………………nothing. #winterof78survivor Bummed

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