Couple accused of transmitting STD to baby appears in court

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A Delaware County couple accused of molesting a 6-month-old appeared in court Thursday.

Ashley Stapert is accused of transmitting an STD to the girl.

Police said she admitted to having sexual contact with the baby while staying with the baby’s mother at their home in Muncie. There’s no word on her trial date yet.

Her former boyfriend, Bryan Strickler, faces similar charges in the case. His trial is set for July.


  • Larrissa May

    OMG! What is wrong w/people? A six month old BABY?? REALLY!! They need to go to prison for life!! That is just SICK!!

    • cjmo2662

      Amen! These scumbags are further proof that no good deed goes unpunished! The mom lets them stay in her home & they repay her by molesting her BABY who couldn't even talk to say what was being done! I hope they suffer some good old-fashioned inmate justice!

  • jamie

    How sickening is that? I hope they spend more than just a couple months or even a couple years in jail. People in this world are sick now days. I hope justice will be served for this little baby and the mother.

  • Felecia

    Unreal… I am in complete shock with this.. what is going on with people? Are they in the need for sex that bad that you have to do this to a poor baby.. This child never asked to be brought into this world and you know have just ruined this child for life. These people should serve a life for this and maybe while they are locked up they will show them in there what its liked to be buratly raped and beaten!! Sick bastards!!

  • Jessica .T.

    Now this 6 month old baby is gonna have to live with STDs for the rest of her life cuz some pretty fucked up people wanted to hurt this innocent child. Not only does she have to live with the fact that she was molested at the age of 6 months, but now she has to carry that around for the rest of her life. WTF is wrong with people these days?

  • Dawn O

    wow I really hope whatever they gave this baby can be taken care of. how sad is it that people had to do something like this. they should never get out of jail.

    • cjmo2662

      I don't recall them taking the baby away from its mother because of this. She wasn't participating in the abuse, & the only way she contributed was by opening her home to these dirtbags. I don't think she had any idea how they were going to repay her kindness.

  • Stone

    These two nutjobs need to be stoned to death in public! There is no room in society for a person who could even think about doing such an act with a six month old child , let alone act upon it! They will never be rehabilitated and neither do other sex offenders so the best place for them is six feet in the ground!


      i'd like to see alot more than two. lets start with one in each extremity first so we can see them in pain. maybe break the knees and elbows so we can hear their bones shatter. then maybe, maybe, after they've been tortured, they can be put down like the animals that they are.

  • Barf.Com Sucks

    Hey Arf,

    What happened to your Golden Boys, FagPul ? They used to be the cats meow and now you boys are calling for a boycott, OMG I can't get my mags, BBQ Zoom, etc. You losers would of lined up to watch Costa have sex with Haley and now you are kicking them to the curb. LMFAO. Who's the next Messiah ? You boys are running out of people over there to masturbate to.

  • MeatPlow

    They are obviously mentally ill (that's the nice way to say "really f'n retarded") so they'll get a free pass. I vote NO, shoot them where they stand. Shoot them now before they breed.

  • Katydidn't

    Unfortunately, for our current society it seems that being capable of any sexual relationship makes them somehow better or more wanted than the next person. Geese do it and we all know they are brainless..
    Poor baby, all the poor babies born to people who don't want them.

  • Clutch

    Look at these two. I bet their parents are proud. Wait they are probably sleeping with their parents too. I would really like to slit thier throats from ear to ear.

    • Mom of 3

      Actually I hope their parents are just as horrified by this as the rest of us are. Not sure your comments about their parents are justified, but I do agree with everyone else who thinks a couple of bullets would be the correct they to deal with it.


    Nice to see everybody in agreement in the comments section for once. I would love to see these two burned at the stake at a public gathering.

  • Disgusted

    I threw up a little in my mouth too, another horrible story of child abuse. I hope they will be in general population in prison.

    Also, it sounds like some people commenting don't know what an std is. It's a little old of a term now I guess. It means: sexually transmitted disease. It encompasses it all from chlamydia, herpies (no cure), syphilis or anything in between. Some easily treated some not at all.,

  • Gat273

    As I recall, the mother allowed her creepy friend and a random dude to move in so she could have a free baby sitter while she went to work.

    "she trusted her enough to watch her child while she went to work, but never imagined her child would come to harm."

    Lesson here, if your bestie and her worthless man are homeless, they're that way for a reason and don't warrant any sort of trust especially around your child.

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