IMS to build solar farm on northeast side of track

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A new solar farm is planned for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Officials say the 25-acre farm will be on the northeast side of the track. It’s part of IMS’ push for renewable energy and an effort to go green.

The solar farm will be the largest one at any sporting facility in the world.

Construction is set to begin in May. IMS said it will not interfere with any races or events.


    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      I'm also wondering the question of: why?

      Will this solar farm be there for practical use or promotional ones? If so, maybe it'll power a fryer or two for an hour in the concession areas.

  • william

    Papa is there anything short of closing IMS that would make you happy. If it wasn't for the Motor Speedway Indianapolis would be another Evansville or Gary by now. That venue has long been the one thing that has provided global recognition for decades. Much of what this city has in assets it owes to IMS. Indianapolis support for IMS has been purely superficial. Personally I think it''s about time the city invest in the Goose that "owns" the golden egg. One trip from downtown to the track easily illustrates how Indianapolis has taken advantage of the relationship. Only when you pass under the tressel on 16th does it begin to not look like the hood. There isn't a venue in the country that has brought in more revenue for a city for so long with so little help. Move to Terra Haute if you want state assistance for mediocrity.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Since the split, Indy racing has been dismal at best. Last year's attendance at the Brickyard 400 was the worse I've seen yet.

      I don't think the F1 came back last year. I can't remember but if so there are probably more people at the mini-marathon than that race.

      Part of what you said was true…once…but no longer.

      • william

        Sorry but if you don't know if F1 came back last year you hardly know enough about what is taking place at IMS to comment about the product. Particularly Indy car, sports car and Moto-GP. Indy car for as poorly as they do away from Indy is still one of if not the premier single day sporting event in America if not the planet.
        Crapcar is horrible thus the lights. This should attract more fans during the dog days plus allow Sorts cars to have a longer event. A 24 hours of Indy would be awesome.

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