Man accused of stealing $60,000 from pastor who took him in

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FRANKFORT – A Frankfort minister thought he was giving another man a new start. Instead, he says, the man he was trying to help betrayed his trust and took $60,000 from his family.

Alan Downing, a pastor at Jefferson United Methodist Church, said he let Adam Klecz stay at his mother’s house in Tippecanoe County in January 2010 because the man was struggling.

Klecz took advantage of that kind gesture, prosecutors said, by getting into a locked safe and accessing Social Security numbers, expired credit cards and other information from Downing’s deceased father and sick mother. He’s accused of using their names to make $60,000 in fraudulent charges.

According to the Journal and Courier, credit card statements show that Klecz bought a 50-inch television, toys, camera and other items.

All the while, Downing was paying for Klecz’s utilities and sometimes giving him a small stipend to take care of the family farm and perform simple maintenance.

Klecz faces 13 felony counts, including identity deception, forgery and theft. He’s currently serving time for robbing a Frankfort bank in 2011.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    What scum!

    This is why if you want to help struggling people donate to charities like Wheelers or the Salvation Army.

    You can help your fellow man and be smart about it at the same time.

  • cjmo2662

    People like this illustrate the saying "No good deed goes unpunished." Worthless scum!

    Pastor, if you ever feel the need to help someone who is down on their luck again, remember this incident & drop them off at a homeless shelter instead of allowing them to live in a family home. Too many people these days are too willing to stab you in the back for showing them decency & compassion. Your heart was in the right place; he acted like he never had a heart.

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