McDonald’s planning to remove some items from the menu

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  • cjmo2662

    Face it; if you go to a fast-food restaurant to eat, you're not going because you want to eat healthy. If you really want to control fat & calories, cook at home. Even the so-called healthy alternatives offered by restaurants are still loaded with calories & fat, so leave Big Mac alone! If you don't like it, you don't have to eat it; nobody's forcing you!

  • Niki

    McD’s is overpriced, understaffed and unhealthy. I would love too see the entire chain go away !!!!

  • Nicksmom

    Would somebody please tell me when America stopped being a free country? No really! These people are controlling the whole country! It started with no religion, then no smoking, now no soda, no sweets, now the Linda's of the world are picking on Big Macs! And this comment does not even begin to lists all the takeovers….

  • Fritzo

    Just to be accurate, the Big Mac is 704 calories 🙂

    Just read they'll be talking the grilled chicken and yogurt/fruit cups off the menu. Now I'll never go there 😦

  • Sally

    America- land of the free. Free to be controlled by a government the wants to tell you when ,what, and where you can do

  • Snark

    Big Mac = Awesomeness. I agree with the other logical/rational thinkers here on the thread. Don't like it. Don't eat it.

  • Dan

    They "need" to make healthier options??? No they don't. They can sell whatever they want. I eat healthy. Am thin and run marathons — but once in a while I want a treat like this. If you don't like it — don't eat there. McDonald's doesn't NEED to make healthier anything. Its not a healthy place. And PLEASE don't start in the obeity problem in America. It's not McDonald's fault. Its the people who choose to eat Big Mac's every day and not exercise. I wonder what the original commenter would think if someone else told them Whole Foods NEEDS to start serving burgers. Geex…

  • MAbdoulhassan

    If government wants to control what we eat , they would have to out law the whole middle of every grocery store. Only way to eat Healthy is to shop the outer edge only .

    Agree, want healthy ? Make your lunch at home. Want fast and Yummy , eat out

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