No criminal charges filed against driver who collided with ambulance, killing 2 paramedics

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The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office announced Thursday that they have completed a review of the evidence from the ambulance crash that killed to paramedics in downtown Indianapolis on Feb. 16.

Prosecutors said they will file no criminal charges against the driver of the other vehicle, 21-year-old Jade Hammer, who collided with the ambulance that Timothy McCormick, 24, and Cody Medley, 22, were riding in.

“This was clearly a tragic accident, and we again extend our sympathies to the families and friends of Cody Medley and Tim McCormick,” Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said. “However, we do not believe that the circumstances of the accident rise to the level of a crime.”

Prosecutor Curry said the decision to not file criminal charges were based on evidence, including the BAC level of Hammer, who told authorities she drank two weak alcoholic beverages prior to the crash. The investigation revealed Hammer had a BAC level of .038, below Indiana’s legal limit of .08.  A toxicology screen also found no other substances in Hammer’s blood.

A crash reconstruction analysis determined Hammer was driving in the range of 35 to 40 mph and the ambulance was traveling at a speed of 45 to 50 mph in a 30 mph speed zone. Prosecutors said the ambulance was not on an emergency run at the time of the crash that occurred at the intersection of Senate Avenue and St. Clair Street.

Authorities said Hammer did fail to stop at a flashing red light at the intersection where the crash occurred. However, the prosecutor’s office said the traffic violation did not rise to the level of criminal recklessness, which requires “conduct in plain, conscious and unjustifiable disregard of harm that might result and the disregard involves a substantial deviation from acceptable standards of conduct.”  Failure to obey the signal is considered a Class C infraction.

Dr. Charles Miramonti, chief of Indianapolis EMS, released the following statement after the decision was announced:

Indianapolis EMS thanks Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry and his office and the entire FACT team for the diligence, compassion, and professionalism they consistently demonstrated throughout their investigation. Their efforts serve to bring closure to this tragic chapter in our history and our personal lives. Our thoughts and prayers go out to not only the families and loved ones of our beloved Tim and Cody, but also to Jade Hammer and her family. I continue to also be grateful to the IEMS Family and Public Safety Department, for the strength and resolve you have shown during this time of pain and grief. I could not be more proud of our service and the men and women who truly make it extraordinary.


      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Well….ummm….let's see…

        Sensations washes over me, I can't describe it.

        Pain I felt so long ago, I don't remember.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        lol…you dummy!

        My previous reply had as about much to do about this article as yours did. I posted the first thing on my mind which was the lyrics to "Disturbed"'s old song, "Remember"

        How cute. You thought it was something else.


    • cjmo2662

      She wasn't anywhere close to drunk, since she was well below the 0.08 legal limit in IN; her BAC was 0.038. Both she & the ambulance were speeding, the ambulance was 15-20 mph above posted speed limit, she was only 5-10 mph over. Her biggest contributing factor to the accident was that she ran the flashing red light. Sometimes things like this are just tragic accidents.

  • Brandon


    The blood draw was TWO hours after she ran a stop sign and killed thee two public servants. Wayne Curry needs to resign NOW. Richmond will killers are getting off,Bisard is waling a free man, the gangsters are taking over our city cause Curry wont prosecute them and now this. This is a very sad day in the history of our city. Two people have dies and Wayne Curry could care less.

  • Billie

    so does this mean that the next time I want to go out drinking I can run a red light, text someone dropping my phone in the process and kill 2 innocent people, AND I won't face any jail time OR even charges???? The prosecutor clearing looking at different evidence than I have seen, I really feel sorry for the family of these 2 men who were during their jobs and were killed by someone else negligence, because now they will not get justice!!

    • Guest

      Where the hell did you get the idea that she was drunk texting and dropped her phone? You people are just making shit up. You clearly haven't been looking at the evidence, dumbass.

      • Guest

        You are the most self righteous, ignorant, arrogant, inconsiderate, just plain stupid asshole I have ever encountered in my life. I hope you get hit by a car.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Oh…BTW… to all you Bissard haters, running around with foamed mouths, baying about how cops get away with this, that, and the other remember this:

    The woman confessed to be liquored up AND frakking with her cell phone when she took out TWO people!

    And not one g-damn thing has happened to her.

  • Jim

    The light facing the ambulance wasn't flashing green. The driver of the ambulance shouldn't have blown through the intersection at nearly twice the speed limit either. Driving 101 teaches drivers to slow down and check cross traffic when approaching any intersection with a flashing light.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >the ambulance was traveling at a speed of 45 to 50 mph in a 30 mph speed zone. Prosecutors said the ambulance was not on an emergency run at the time of the

    WOW! It's almost as if weak-sacked Curry is saying it was the ambulance driver's fault.

    Is it too late to hold a recall position for Curry's spineless azz? If this and his other travesty is how he handles crime, then we're in for a very long time while he's in office.


    • James

      Don't believe he said it was his fault. He stated that her actions did not rise to the level of criminal. He is right. Read the law dude. Even texting while driving is just an infraction. About time you educate yourself.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >Don't believe he said it was his fault.

        Good for you and what a coincidence since I clearly said it seems as if that's what he's trying to say.


      • James

        You call me an idiot when you are resulting to name calling. I am simply advising you the facts. Now, I could call you names; however, that is not very mature nor educated. Since I deal with the law everyday, I know how it reads and the decision based on the law is absolutely correct. If you are truly mad at the law, maybe you should write your representative to rewrite some laws. No, it is TERRY Curry and he never implied or made anything sound like it was the ambulance's fault.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >TERRY Curry and he never implied or made anything sound like it was the ambulance's fault.

        There you go again…being an idiot. **I** know it's Terry Curry and he included the stats of the ambulance as if it made a difference.

        And if you and Curry are so concerned with the law then why did he go through hell and high water to challenge the law and get Bissard's blood evidence included in the trial. Clearly, the law passed in prior to that crash showed that blood was inadmissable.

  • John

    There is no need to continue the argument over who was right and who was wrong. This statement has been made and the decision of the prosecutor's office is done and final it appears. It is time to continue praying for all three families to find comfort and peace. As an EMT, I was sickened by the entire tragedy, the admission of her drinking and texting while driving (both of which are illegal in the state of Indiana) We know in our hearts this woman is guilty and I pray that she remembers her victims on a daily basis and that each time she sees an ambulance, hears a siren, thinks of having a drink, sends or receives a text message that she pukes down the front of herself, craps and pissed her pants and get a case of cold chills. Perhaps this will be her lifelong punishment from God.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Why do we need to be concerned about the woman's family?

      She got off scott free, having participated in the deaths of two innocents while doing two things she should have known better not to.

      I'm sure she's going to celebrate her "victory" tonight by going out for a drink and later texting her friends while driving, telling them the good news.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        She had liquor in her system that was taken 2 hours after the crash. She admitted to frakking with her phone before the crash.

        Rationalize all you want, the facts are there.

      • Holli

        If you had any intellect at all Jaguar, you would know alcohol levels continue to rise for several hours after the last alcoholic beverage was consumed. Additionally based on height and body weight, it can be determined within the smallest percentage what the actual BAC was at the time of the accident. You are just a troll.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Really? So a .038 is enough for the cops to SMELL on her?


        And I'm not a troll. I'm a person who really despises seeing the guilty go unpunished.

        What are you? Someone who likes to get their drink on and drive too?

  • Jim

    Had that ambulance been 1 second slower it would have plowed into her. If that happened should they have been charged with speeding through a flashing warning signal at nearly twice the speed limit causing death?

  • ReSS

    Wether you'd like to admit it or not, the EMS vehicle's speed played a role in this. Why aren't we criticizing the EMS vehicle's driver for driving almost twice the legal limit?

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Because neither of them were liquored up and frakking with their cell phones. Neither of them killed anyone either.

      Does that answer your inane questions?


      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Was their speeding proven to contribute to their deaths or being t-boned by a woman who had a "few drinks" and was frakking with her cell phone?

        As much as you want it otherwise, this woman did stupid stuff and took two lives.

        Nothing you blah blah about or rationalize will ever change that. :^)

      • Dinky doo

        Had their speed not been so excessive they probably wouldn't have slid as far to reach the parked vehicle that crushed them both.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        No, it's what I wrote. You do realize children sometimes peruse these comment sections.

        Only an uneducated and guttural moron would use such language openly and often.


      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Now that's just stupid. But from what you've written thus far, it's par for the course.

        Are you saying if a kid utters "Oh Fudge" or "Darn it", it's just as bad as uttering the real curse word?

        C'mon now! Please….

  • A.H

    Lets be serious about this. We all know that if they weren't emt drivers no body would even think twice on the fact that she is not facing any criminal charges. The law is the law. She was under the legal limit and was doing approximately 7over the speed limit and ran a stop sign (that is what a red flashing light is right.). Nothing there requires jail time. The EMT drivers were speeding approximately 17 over the speed limit and failed to drive with caution through the blinking yellow. Nothing criminal there either. So what does this say about both parties, they were careless and had caused an ACCIDENT. Pray for everyone involved and call it a day people.

  • Guest

    Nice comment A.H. Sensible and thoughtful. She had a drink earlier and waited to sober up to drive. In the middle of the night, she was looking at her GPS to find her way home. Both responsible and understandable behavior. It is a tragic accident. Very sad story, but an accident. Tons of these types of things happen every day. The EMTs families have to find out how to live their lives while missing their sons gone due to a terrible vehicle accident. She has to live her life remembering her involvement in a fatal accident and she and her family will never be the same. Spread compassion this time, not blame.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      She waiting to sober up eh?

      You do realize an officer on the scene smelled liquor on the woman, right?

      You also do realize the EMT had the right-of-way.

      I'll bet you mofos wouldn't be so quick to cluck your tongues, wave your hands, and bray about this being a simple, common, garden variety "accident"

      Drinking and then driving around while frakking with your cell phone is hardly an accident.

  • guest

    I hate go "go there" but I am. I've beena EMT for a while. I DON'T work for any wambulance service or IEMS. BUT I've been critical to alot of fellow LEO's and other Medics about driving I've seen from several IEMS vehicles. Now we have 2 that unfortunatly died as result of NO seatbelts and were driving 17 miles OVER the speed limit. I had a feeling they would again (I say UNFORTUNATELY) responceable for there own deaths. Do I think SOMETHING shoulda happined to her, yea. But what? Do I think some one rolled over? Possibly but er will never know. I feel IEMS is trying to save face. It is what it is. Hope IEMS reviews the actions of there drivers and getas them all back into some driver training! I've seen they need it!

  • David

    This may have been an accident but still 2 lives two fathers who's kids will never see them again were lost. I would arrest the person or persons responsible to bring closure to those families.

  • Guest

    She had a flashing red light…. red means stop. She blew right through the light and as a result two lives were lost. Her life from here on will never be the same…SAD!!

  • Chuck

    Distort the facts:

    She was tested two hours after she killed them
    She admitted she was drinking
    She ran the light

    Of course Curry didn't check to see if she was texting did he? yet he lets her off. Pretty obvious that her daddy is a big wig someplace to make this happen

  • guest

    Did slamming into those parked cars while the ambulance was on it's side kill them? The windshields on an ambulance are huge and the back of the first parked car was really bashed in. So, if they had not been speeding so fast, would that 2nd impact have been much less, or completely avoided, and therefore, they would have lived through the accident?

  • Lol

    Shouldn’t we address the ambulance racing through our streets when there is not an emergency , Who do we hold accountable for that ?

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