Prosecutors to decide next week if woman will be charged for throwing puppy away

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The Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office will decide early next week if the Muncie woman accused of throwing away her puppy will be criminally charged.

Shemika Robinson, 36, was cited for cruelty to an animal and abandon/neglect of a vertebrate, animal after a sanitation department employee found the dog in a trash bag in the back of a garbage truck on Feb. 13.

The employee, Michael Upchurch, said he and his co-worker were riding on the back of the truck when they heard whimpering coming from a trash bag. When they opened the bag, they found the cold and shivering 6-week-old puppy.

Phil Peckinpaugh, director of the Muncie Animal Shelter, said their department spoke with Robinson, who said she threw the puppy in the garbage because he had died from parvo, a contagious virus in dogs. Peckinpaugh said Robinson told him she got rid of two other puppies because of the same reason.

After Garby was discovered, he was taken to the Westview Animal Clinic, where it was determined he was suffering from low blood sugar and starvation.

The puppy was later adopted by the man who saved him.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    This will be an outrage if this person gets any charges after Curry letting the drunkard off who killed the EMTs.

    • ReSS

      No matter how badly you want her to have been drunk, no matter how much you say she was drunk, it doesn't change the facts. She was at .038. Not even the 2 hour lapse from accident to draw would have gotten her down to .038 if she had been anywhere near .08. She wasn't drunk as far as the law is concerned. End of story.

      • Kevan

        Actually ReSS, you are wrong. Someone can be charged with OWI even if they are under .08 if they are found to be impaired. If they fail field sobriety tests and have alcohol in their system they can be charged with OWI Per Se.

    • DeeDee75

      There's more of an outrage against idiots like you being allowed to walk around in public. Go sit down somewhere and STFU.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        I am sitting down and I will never STFU so GFY skank! lol

        You must be related to the woman who killed the EMTs or you're a drunken ho bag too?

    • Level Headed

      There's a big difference between a horrible accident and deliberate cruelty. The driver in the accident was not drunk. No amount of profanity will change that fact. She will live the rest of her life knowing that her failure to stop at the flashing light caused the deaths of two people. I can't imagine a much worse sentence. Throwing away an innocent,defenseless puppy is the act of a depraved and wicked individual. Big, big difference.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        "Accident" implies nothing could have prevented it.

        It was deliberate that she decided to get her drink on then drive AND mess about with her phone.

        Don't minimize her contributing factors to this INCIDENT!

        >failure to stop at the flashing light caused the deaths

        Ha! First you and the others claim this was one big ole accident and both sides contributed to it then you claim she'll feel bad about it?


  • Cyndy

    Thanks to the men who saved this helpless puppy. Thanks also to the man who adopted this poor thing. These are helpless animals and need help! Who would have thought that people could be mean to helpless animals; however, how can we fathem the idea of mistreating or killing a baby or child? Yes, it is the same thing! If they kill a helpless animal, they won't mind killing a baby or child! If you read about serial killers; i.e., Jeffrey Dahlmer, this is how the terrible circle starts! I wish we could figure it out! Babies and baby animals do not ask to be born! We all need to do our part!

    • fox59viewer

      absolutely agree with you…there are actually psychological studies that point to that; it all starts with animals and then they move to little children.

  • Carolyn

    We are going to put a lady in jail for abandoning a puppy but not for a person that runs a red light and causes two deaths…WOW!!! What is are nation coming to?? Shame on our system!! It is so whacked!

  • Carolyn

    Yes we all know she was not drunk…but she had been drinking and was not paying attention went through a red light and killed two people…There should be something done to her.

  • HAES

    I love animals also but am appaled at the reaction to a throw away puppy and these same folks would "trow away" an unborn infant without blinking. What is this worldcoming to when folks get more upset over an animal and not the unborn!

    • MeatPlow

      end times are a comin'. God probably will open a can of whoop-ass on us any day now for our belligerent, prideful, selfish behavior. We (many, too many) have embraced the immoral in place of what is good.

  • fox59viewer

    what did that defenseless puppy ever do to that woman? How ruthless and cruel and CRUEL… sickens me that such scum still exists in this country. She probably was too high or too lazy watching BET to take him for a walk so WTF, just put this living being in the trash…Hope she treats her kids a little better than this. This is outrage!!

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