Prosecutors will not appeal judge’s ruling in Bei Bei Shuai case

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Prosecutors will not appeal a judge’s decision disallowing testimony in the complicated case of a mother accused of killing her newborn by ingesting rat poison.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s office said it will not seek an interlocutory appeal of a Marion County judge’s ruling disallowing testimony from a pathologist. That pathologist determined that the death of Shuai’s baby was due to rat poison Shuai ingested while trying to take her own life. The judge said that testimony can’t be used in court because the pathologist failed to consider other potential reasons for the child’s death.

Prosecutor Terry Curry now faces two alternatives. He can either drop the murder charge or consult another pathologist.

No decision has been made on either one of those options and there’s no specific timeline for the decision, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Shuai has been out on bond since May. Her trial is set for April 22.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar


    Scum are getting off left and right in central Indiana.

    First the drunkard who rammed into the ambulance, killing two people got no punishment and now this woman is about to get away with Murder.

  • Sherry

    Terry Curry is fast becoming the criminals best friend…the word on the street is if you commit a crime here in Marion county, you'll be fine,Curry will not prosecute you…

    Why did we elect him if he will not prosecute these criminals? Remember this at the next election..

  • Boswell

    Pretty sad that an unborn child holds no standing with out prosecutor. Thsi woman is gettign away with murder and Curry could care less.

  • Ding dong un cho

    Its not a baby its a parasitic fetus a fetus has no soul till it at least breaths air maybe indiana should prosecute me for killing millions of sperm everytime i splat

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