Rape survivor: I’m “glad this cretin is off the streets”

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Shawn Corbally, 34, was found guilty on all eight counts of rape, burglary, criminal confinement and criminal deviate conduct Thursday.

Corbally brutally raped of a Greenwood woman at her apartment in July of 2012.The jury reached a verdict in less than two hours.

Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper said strong DNA evidence and witness testimony made it easy for the jury to make a quick decision.

“The DNA was conclusive that he (Corbally) had raped her and repeatedly sodomized her. I think that speaks volumes as to why this jury came back on eight separate counts– Six A Felonies and two B Felonies — in less than two hours,” said Cooper

The victim, who Fox59 News is choosing not to identify, said it was tough to be in court, but she knew it was something she had to do.

“It was extremely tough being in the same room with him having him snarl at me, look at me, but I just gave him daggers right back and smiled at him. Have fun, you’ll be sitting there forever,” said the woman.

The woman said justice was served.

“I am extremely pleased with the jury. I’m just so glad that this cretin is off the streets and can’t hurt anybody else,” said the woman.

Corbally told FOX59 News he was sorry he dragged his family’s name through the mud.

He faces a maximum of 340 years behind bars. Sentencing is scheduled for March 18 at the Johnson County Courthouse.


  • cjmo2662

    I hope he gets the maximum sentence of 340 years! Even with time off for good behavior, he still won't be back out on the streets. Nobody should have to be put through the hell his previous victims have suffered. Let him die in prison!

  • Mary

    I hope he becomes a BUBBA's new girlfriend…and they do to him what he did to this woman. And I'm so happy that she followed through with everything. So many get fearful and don't want to face the turmoil, and therefore, they don't get them in prison…she deserves a pat on the back…and he will get his…I don't doubt that in the least.

    • cjmo2662

      Kudos to his victim for not giving in to fear & dropping the case as many rape victims do. It took a lot of guts to see it through, and hopefully "Bubba" has some sadistic torture planned for this "boil on the butt of humanity!"- Shirley McClain's character in "Steel Magnolias.

  • Dawn O

    Prayers for the lady this happened to. It really took a lot for her to stand up to him and see this through. Because of her he will never have the chance to do this to another woman. I did not see him say sorry to her only to his family so the way I see it he was sorry he got caught. what a looser.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Good thing prosecutor Curry wasn't involved. If so, he would've plead the case down to a smack on the wrist and community service.

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