City to tap into insurance fund to pay surviving victims of Bisard crash

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City leaders plan to tap into an insurance fund to pay more than $2 million in settlements to the two surviving victims of the Officer David Bisard crash.

Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills were hurt when Bisard ran into a group of motorcyclists with his cruiser. Another rider, Eric Wells, was killed.

By dipping into the insurance fund, the city will be able to pay damages even sooner to Mills and Weekly. Some worry, though, that that will leave the city vulnerable and unable to guard against other potential losses.

Mayor Ballard’s office said he will ask the City-County Council to issue the city a short-term bond that will repay the money paid to the victims.


  • guest

    Bisard is nothing but a puke. He should be behind bars already. His trial should have never been changed to Allen County. We all know he is going to get off scott free.

    • anon

      While I understand your logic, settling a case is not an admission of guilt. The City of Indianapolis is paying the victims, not Bisard. If Bisard were the one paying, then yes, that would constitute an admission of guilt, which he is not about to do before his trial; he might've driven drunk, but he's not that stupid. The reason the City of Indianapolis agreed to a settlement was to keep the case out of court, because the victims of Bisard's stupid decision to drink and drive could've gotten a larger judgment from a jury.

  • Guest

    62 people in all; doctors, nurses, ems workers, yes, civilians and public servants alike interviewed, examined and interacted w/ Bisard the minutes and hours following the unfortunate accident. None, not one, stated that he was, acted or smelled of alcohol. Read ALL the transcripts (don't just believe what your hear on tv, or even from me). There are so many inconsistencies w/ this case that it should be thrown out.

      • anon

        You mean ill will instead of I'll (which usually means I will)? Even if they conveniently "misplaced" the 2nd blood sample, it wasn't physically tampered with, or it would've been thrown out. There's not an easy, undetectable way around a tamper-proof seal, no matter how smart a person thinks they are!

  • FutureIsOnUs

    Vodka.. one of only a few alcohols that do not smell especially when you have mouthwash, candy, mints, gum etc, to cover it up. A seasoned on the job drinker covers their tracks very well. I agree with Matthew, blood does not lie and no way there was enough rubbing alcohol to cause his BAC to be so high at time of blood draw. He needs to man up.

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