Police: Man arrested after sending child pornography to undercover officer

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SPENCER, Ind.– An Owen County man was arrested after police said he sent child pornography to an undercover police officer over the internet.

Forrest Walker, 32, was charged with child exploitation, a Class C felony, and possession of child pornography, a Class D felony.

Police said Indiana State Police’s Crime Against Children unit began investigating Walker in October 2011. During the course of the investigation, police said

Walker disseminated child pornography to an undercover officer via an internet peer-to-peer file sharing network.  Additionally, authorities said Walker possessed hundreds of images and videos of child pornography.

Walker is being held on a $20,000 bond.


    • anon

      Good one! I knew this hideous specimen reminded me of somebody, just couldn't remember who! lol, what a moron!

  • Chug

    The really unfortunate thing is he'll probably get off. The police basically entrap these individuals by having them give them that stuff, or in the case of Chris Hansen. It's unfortunate but true.

    • bubba

      chug, you're actually quite wrong. if you read the article, he was making this shit available for others to download by sharing his files on a P2P network like limewire. the officer didn't "ask" him to send him this stuff, he just logged onto the network and tracked down the IP addresses of people that were sharing this filth. he was one of them. the only thing he'll be getting off is his cellmate.

  • Sarah

    Unfortunate that my full time employed husband got a class c felony for a joint, and this ass hole got the same thing for distributing child porn to other people. He should get much more than a years probation.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Uh…Sarah…honey babe, your pot head husband may have caught a class C case but Quasimodo here is getting that and a whole lot more. Unless you have serious $$$, people he get caught doing this get serious time. So don't minimize his punishment as I doubt it'll JUST be a few years probation.

    • drt52

      There has to be more to your story. Possession of marijuana is a class A misdemeanor. Possession of more than 30 grams (oz) is a D felony. It takes 10 pounds to get a class C felony.

  • anonymous

    i know who this guy is and hes had a rough life. hes a very sweet guy and he was born with a brittle bone disease. for all of you people that are saying he doesnt have a neck he does but he cant lift his head up because of his disease. you people are pathetic.

    • jtpalmer

      Having "brittle bone disease" does NOT excuse the nastiness he was involved in. He made the choice to look at pics of little kids, and deserves to be locked away. Tens of thousands of americans have disabilities and do not go down the path this dog turd went down. You should be ashamed of yourself for standing up for this dirtbag. You are no better

  • anonymous

    im no better.everyone looks at porn. some ppl may look at stuff they shouldnt like forrest but people shouldnt make fun of him. you people are saying mean things bout him and he cant even defend himself. so best believe im standing up for him. and i bet anything you have watched porn before to so your no saint either. so all of you need to grow up and act your age. it happened ok. and he will get what ever the judge decides NOT you rude people.

    • safety guy

      He looks at kids, not adults choosing to do so. It sounds like you are pardoning what he does?

      • liillymore

        He needs friends , not people that bash him , he doesnt know how to deal with adults sexully , look at him " Do you really think this was a chose " no he has been traped in his missed up body and mind , how much of the tax payers money will it take to keep this man in jail?

      • Guest

        And stop the continuous spread of tax payers nude children who are already exposed? To me that's definitely worth it.

  • anonymous

    ya but people need to realize that who are the people that is putting the pics out there for other people. but yet noone is getting arested for that huh.

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