Woman banned from gym for talking on her phone

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  • RWL

    There should be more activities where cell phones are banned, like in public restroom, I don't need to here all about your business when doing my business.

  • Slwdd

    This country is slowly becoming less and less "free." I would never join a gym where I could not use my cell phone. Cell phones are luxury and many of us enjoy them. Just because you don't think it's appropriate doesn't mean it isn't. No one is getting hurt by this. Now, talking on your cell phone while driving and cutting me off or causing an accident……now there's a good reason to be upset. Seriously, people….we create our own wars!!! On the other hand, this lady should have never joined this gym if it was a rule to not talk on your phone because clearly she could not obey it. If it was not a rule, well, I wish them luck with their business cause they are going to need it. Lastly, if this is rule there, what is the logic behind it? Rules are usually enforced to prevent harm. What is the harm of talking on a phone?

    • 3BoysMama

      This is (and hopefully will always be) a free country. However, that gym is private property and the owners have the right to decide if cell phones are used there. The members who don't like that particular rule have every right to seek out another gym.

    • RWL

      You are an idiot this has NOTHING to do with FREEDOM. A bird has the freedom to fly but the rules say he has to flap his wings or he will fall from the shy. There will always be rules.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >less and less "free." I would never join a gym where I could not

    Ummm…you say it's less free yet you have the option to pick and choose which gyms to join that suits your tastes. Is that not freedom? Being able to choose?

  • Guest

    First of all I agree we are becoming less free but that is a result of the growing U.S. government. But, the gym probably did the right thing. I use the weight machine to do circuit workouts. Every once in awhile, someone sits on the machine to carry on a cell phone conversation. This is rude and disrupts the flow of other people trying to workout. On the steppers or thread mill type of workout, if you need to talk, go for it. But don't tie up the single use stuff that are intended for on and off activity.

  • DTSmith

    About time!

    This loud-mouth has been in every gym I have used for the past 15 years! He/she have not been there to workout – and demonstrate no manners whatsoever.

    Good riddance!

  • anon

    Maybe it was an emergency, like she said… Probably should've stepped away from the workout area, though, for both a little privacy & to be considerate of others. I think the gym may have over-reacted to the situation, but people on call phones can be rude. I got a call just as I was placing an order at McD's & walked away til call was over; I'm sure she could've done the same!


    It's also plain common sense which she apparently does not have. Signs were posted all over. The gym manager states the rule is to keep people from taking photos of other while they work out. Not a bad idea since some perverts like to take inappropriate pics and post them all over the web or use them for other sic things. I use my smart phone all day long but don't need it while working out or in any other inappropriate setting. I don't need to hear you talking at the top of your lungs while standing next to you at a check out at Walmart or some other place like at a movie(which I've had to endure more than once). Use your brain if you have one. If you don't like a certain gyms policies,then don't join it. When cell phones first came out it was popular for people to try and get attention like hey look at me I have a cell phone….big freakin deal!! EVERYONE has one now. Too bad a lot of people have no common sense or manners at all.

  • David

    …kuddos to the gym! People need to stop being rude and announcing to the world their business…nobody cares and just take it home!!!!
    Reminds of the scene from the movie Bull Durham…too many 'Lolly-gaggers!

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