Accused Anderson teen’s mother defends him, says threat is uncharacteristic

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A Highland Middle School student has been arrested, accused of having a handgun at school and threatening to shoot a student.

Anthony Stewart, 16, is charged as an adult and faces two felony charges. He has been charged with intimidation and possession of a firearm on school property, along with a misdemeanor charge of carrying a handgun without a permit.

Anderson Detective Joel Sandefur said the incident happened Monday morning.

“Bottom line is he brought a real, functioning gun, handgun, to school. (He) showed that to other students and made a threat to another (that) he would shoot her and that’s a serious offense,” Sandefur said.

Sandefur said the incident stemmed from Stewart being afraid his classmate would turn him in for writing obscenities on a chalkboard in a classroom.

“There’s going to be more investigating. How did he (get) the gun? Where did the gun come from?” Sandefur said.

Detectives recovered the handgun. It was not loaded and did not have a magazine.

According to the Probable Cause Affidavit, “a video recorded statement was taken from [redacted] who stated that Stewart passed off the handgun to him and that he didn’t want to get into trouble and hid it in the classroom.”

The handgun was a Browning 25 caliber handgun. Stewart’s mother spoke exclusively to Fox59 outside her Anderson home Tuesday. She said her family does not own guns.

“I just wanted to say a lot of things that are being reported (are) definitely not true. He is a good kid. He just makes some, made some bad decisions at times and he would never, ever hurt a child –a baby –nothing like that. It’s just a really bad decision that he’s made this time,” Stewart’s mother said.

Stewart’s mother did not want to be identified. She said this is not part of her son’s character to threaten someone.

“He’s my son and I love him more than anything in life, but we are definitely –as a family- we’re backing him up just like any other mother would out there,” shesaid.

Fox59 also spoke exclusively to the mother of the student who was reportedly threatened. Micah David said she couldn’t believe what happened to her daughter.

“She has been very anxious, didn’t sleep very well last night,  very jumpy,” David said.

David plans to get a restraining order against Stewart.

“It’s really hard. You don’t think that something like that is going to happen to your child,” Stewart said.

Anderson Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Felix Chow responded to an email from Fox59 about Monday’s incident. In the email Dr. Chow wrote:

“Thank you for your interest in ACSC.  The attached is a communique that was sent to all families after the Newtown, CT (sic) incident in December 2012.  As you know, both security and student disciplinary issues are confidential topics of which the details can not be disclosed.  Please be assured that ACSC has taken all safety precaution for our students and employees.”

David said she would like to see more awareness.

“What doesn’t make any sense to me is how did he even get (into) school with a gun. I think that the schools… it’s time for them to really start getting more metal detectors,” David said.

Stewart is at the Madison County Jail. Authorities said if he posts bond, he will be transferred to the detention center on a previous probation.


  • Angela

    He's a "good kid?" This boy is 16 and still in middle school. Furthermore, he's already on probation for previous misconduct. Perhaps he has the potential to be a good kid, but in no way are the above said actions that of a "good boy." Something is terribly, terribly wrong here.

  • dontpassjudgement

    I bet if it was your child youd be saying the same thing. NO he wasn't right for taking the gun to school but now he will pay for it. And using the word retard really shows something is wrong with you martin.

    • martinstucky

      If my child was 16 and still in middle school I would say the same thing. I would also do something about it which is evidently out of his parent's abilities. I would suggest if you can't do a better job of raising a kid you should be sterilized so you can't continue your defective genetic heritage. This moron should be sterilized and thrown in big boy prison where he belongs.

  • 'Thor'

    Another parent in denial. Notice I said parent and not parents since there is no mention of dad in the article. This is the primary cause of criminal behavior of young people from all walks of life and the color really does not matter, it is the lack of the family unit that matters.

      • G.

        I take offense to that Martinsville comment. I’m from Martinsville and I’m not a redneck, or racist.

        Maybe you should think before you type.

      • martinstucky

        Yes you are. I have thought about this for 10 years and I know for a fact that Martinsvillians are redneck racist drug addicted inbred sex offender morons to a person.

      • martinstucky

        I assume your handle is in reference to the anti-depressant prescription you have (too bad you can't spell). Obviously you were educated in the Martinsville school system. If you would like to see a new low in stupidity read your last comment and try to keep your lips from moving. I guess capitalization and punctuation were not taught in Martinsville.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    The mom is defending and enabling her already criminal-minded and obviously dumb child. As others pointed out he's 16 and in the 8th grade? Previous probations!?

    C'mon mom! Wake the FAWK up and stop enabling your child! I wonder how often the Newton spree killer acted out and his dumb ass momma poo-poo'd it and wrote it off saying he's a good boy.

    I'll bet the mom, when raising this criminal thug, didn't believe in spankings and gave him time outs.

    <shaking head> Oh the monsters we rear in society.

  • Cathern

    Thanks for finally writing about >Accused Anderson teens mother defends him,
    says threat is uncharacteristic | Fox 59 News – <Loved it!

  • Think Deeper

    I blame the snitches! I hope the girl learns that if you rub it in that you are going to tattle on someone, particularly when they are not all there in the head, you might get some repercussions.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      I blame your lack of taking advantage of a proper education and perhaps parental involvement for your apparent stupidity.

    • martinstucky

      How about removing the not right in the head crowd from the schools so the other kids who want to learn can get an education.

    • martinstucky

      What hold him back four times in middle school? Possible make him look incredibly stupid on his mug shot? No I got it, have him spend 10 years in jail for being a moron who brings a gun to school because somebody "told on him" when he was breaking the rules to begin with.

  • just sayin

    For those of you who don't know, the school is grades 7,8 and 9. He is still a little old to be in 9th grade tho.

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