Carmel daycare to remain closed indefinitely

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A Carmel daycare involved in several state investigations will remain closed indefinitely.

Stacy Cox, the owner of the child care center, and the state, have agreed to extend a temporary restraining.

The order was put in place because officials ruled too many kids were being looked after in the home, making it an unlicensed day care.

The facility was under investigation in the death of a baby boy, who died of SIDs.

The owner and her daughter are accused of using marijuana on the day the child died.


  • Julie Stafford

    If it were my child that died I would have sued her and her daughter. This makes me wonder how many day cares really have a license to operate.

    • Renee

      The kid died of SIDS which wasnt fault of theirs so they cant sue but they shouldnt have used drugs though and you can babysit up to 5 kids without a license.

    • Heather S.

      Being licensed does not stop a child from dying. If anything the number of children is upped and allows more room for error. I prefer a small not licensed daycare that actually follows the rules. The parents should make sure they are informed on the rules and how many kids are there and suppose to be there and that their provider is a good fit.

  • Heather S.

    Children die at licensed daycares and one that do not hold a license daycares. Everything is a risk sadly. Make sure no matter what you have lots of references and feel comfortable with the indivduals and that you have done a back ground check. I have worked at licensed daycares and honestly you would not believe what I have seen and had to turn in. It has made it so I trust no one with my children or I should say very few.

  • anon

    This is a sad situation, but at least the baby didn't die from abuse. He could've died of SIDS just as easily at home.

    The issues with this day care were no license, too many kids, caregivers smoking pot, household chemicals in children's reach, & the baby was in a broken pack-n-play. I think there could be a possible connection between the broken pack-n-play & the baby's death, & that should be investigated. Putting him in that crib may be neglect. I hope for these reasons that her daycare center is closed permanently.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Hmmm….so much for the pseudo sleuths who said the drug test doesn't prove anything. Apparently investigators found enough evidence to accuse them of getting high on the DAY the infant died.

    So a hardy "sod off" to all the morons who jumped on me for mentioning the marijuana test. :^)

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