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City-County Council member announces party switch

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INDIANAPOLIS – A City-County councillor is switching parties, reducing the Democrats’ edge in the council from 16-13 to 15-14.

On Tuesday, Councillor Jose Evans announced he would move to the Republican Party. Evans, 40, represents District 1. He was first elected in 2007 and won reelection in 2011 as a member of the Democratic Party.

“This is not a decision made in haste or without considerable thought,” Evans said at a morning news conference at City Market. “When looking around my district, our city, and this state, however, it is clear that Republican policies and Republican leadership are getting things done, and I want to be a part of a party that is focused on progress.”

Indiana Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb, Marion County Republican Party Chairman Kyle Walker and council Minority Leader Michael McQuillen joined Evans for Tuesday’s announcement.

Evans grew up in Haughville. He attended Cathedral High School and the University of Indianapolis and earned his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.

He lives in Pike Township with his wife and three children.

Marion County Democratic Party Chairman Joel Miller released a statement Tuesday morning regarding the switch.

“This morning, I learned from news reports that Jose Evans, councillor for the 1st district will be changing political parties,” Miller said. “While I wish Councillor Evans well in his future endeavors, as with any Republican, I certainly look forward to spirited political campaigns against him in the coming years.”


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Bravo Evans! That's a bold move to leave the Democrat plantation! I applaud your bravery but be prepared for insults and threats from the Black crabs in your party who will label you all kinds of "uncle toms" and what-not for standing your ground.

    Ignore them and keep on being the individual God meant for you to be.

  • tlsmith1138

    Nationally, there isn't a real difference between the two parties. All we have is Democrats and RINO's anyway.

  • martinstucky

    Good for you! This man is setting a prime example for what any self respecting democrat should do, if you can find any more self respecting democrats.

  • RWL

    Anyone who thinks that there is any difference, has drank the cool aid of the big business. You fools,
    They are all bought and paid for.

  • Garrett Stanley

    There is a difference in political parties, so I'm not sure why y'all keep saying that.

    Most Democrats want all Americans to be equal in government affairs.
    Most Democrats want all Americans to make decisions about their own bodies.
    Most Democrats want social services and infrastructure maintained and upgraded.
    Most Democrats support power of the people.
    Most Democrats are willing to listen to logic and science instead of strictly faith and religion.

    You may disagree with me all you want, and call me all the fearful political things you think. But people and parties ARE different, even inside a single political party.

    On a personal note, a despise when politicians (from either party) do this right after an election. The representative clearly says he has thought about it for awhile, so why didn't he state his intentions before the recent election? Because he would have lost, that's why. What he did was shady, and he probably did it for some nice money and/or job to be ins someones pocket. He knows he won't be re-elected now, so he is going to line his pockets as much as possible. I feel sorry and ashamed for Hoosiers in the 1st District.

    • RWL

      These issues are the minor things to keep you busy and distracted while they take your constitutional rights away and freedoms away. Wake up to the real world.

      • Garrett Stanley

        What constitutional rights have you lost lately? Because mine all seem to be intact.

        I can say what I want, the press can print what they want, I can congregate in a civil group, and I can pray to anyone or anything I choose. I can own a gun, I do not have soldiers in my home, my privacy is secure and our court system has always treated me fairly and quickly.

    • Garrett Stanley

      That isn't a reply or argument at all. You present no facts, logic or discussion.
      At this point you're simply Chicken Little in the background yelling that the sky is falling.

  • RWL

    And you sound like the German citizens and every other people who allowed their government to rob them of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Like I said keep drinking the cool aid, and mindlessly following the corporate salve owners.

    • Garrett Stanley

      And what does your libertarian paradise look like? What has specifically changed in the United States that makes you feel less free?

      You keep mentioning guns. How about the fact that President Obama has done nothing but EXPAND gun rights in the United States (he passed legislation to allow guns to be carried in state and federal parks). As far as I am aware he has never signed off anything restricting guns.

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