Half-naked DUI suspect tries to flee in toy truck, police say

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      • genia

        Miore the reason she should get in trouble. Slap her on the wrist and she will not learn a lesson. Thats a major ptoblem with the young peopler these days. Too many slaps on the wrist and not enough on the back side.

    • CJr

      I got a slap on the wrist when I was young and had a DUI. It took me getting arrested again for a PI, resisting arrest, and having to read a police report to know what happened that I figured out I had a problem. If the first offense was treated more seriously I may have figured out my problem sooner than later. Now I no longer get drunk, It was a hard lesson learned.

    • Kristen

      Are you kidding me? 28 is young? That's 10 years past the legal "adult" age? What isn't young then- 40? 70? Who should act like this if she has a child? He's the one I feel sorry for. My parents had plenty of fun while raising kids, but never once were we put in danger or had to deal with drunk parents. Sure, she may need help and I hope she gets it- but when does the compassion end? If she KILLS somebody by being drunk? I bet you'd change your tune if she drove drunk crashing into someone you care about. That's next- that's what a slap in the wrist for being young results in.

    • Mettaintheworld

      she woudnt be 'young' if she'd of killed someone while she was out being stupid and inconsiderate!

  • Amazed at morons

    Bet the kid has more common sense than she does. I literally laughed out loud. Oh my goodness. This made my day !

  • Da Bodysnatcher

    Dispatch: What's your 20
    Cop: Low speed chase suspect is driving a pink barbie jeep!
    Dispatch: Come again!

  • megan

    Would love to see this on an episode of cops! Seriously though, I'm glad no one was injured, especially her son. As funny as this story is, drunk driving is very dangerous. My daddy was almost killed by a drunk driver, thankfully the EMT's were able to bring him back to life and get him to the hospital. So while I giggle at this story, I am also reminded how one little mistake can shatter a life/family.

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